Mar 1 2013

Good news around the CFCA world

Here are just a couple of the awesome ways that sponsored children, aging friends and their families serve as agents of change in their local communities!

1) Fathers of sponsored children honored for work with blood donations

Dugong Bayani Awards

The CFCA-Antipolo staff was recognized at the Dugong Bayani Awards for efforts to save lives through blood donations.

CFCA-Antipolo was among the national recipients of the Dugong Bayani Awards.

“Dugo” means blood, and “Bayani” means hero.

The award is a special recognition given to a group or organization by the Philippine Blood Center of the Department of Health. The award honors heroism in saving lives through blood donations.

Since 2002, CFCA-Antipolo has held blood drives with the families and the community.

Some communities are partnering with the Philippine National Red Cross and some with the Philippine Blood Center of the health department.

Many sponsored youth and their families, as well as project staffers, are blood donors. The ERPAT fathers groups often spearhead the blood donation activities. (ERPAT stands for Empowerment and Reaffirmation of Paternal Abilities. The groups were started by dads of CFCA sponsored children.)

Healthy blood donations provide a sufficient supply of safe blood for victims of disease, violence and accidents. In many cases, CFCA was able to help both sponsored and non-sponsored patients who were sick with dengue fever and needed a blood transfusion.

This photo was taken at the awards ceremony in Manila.

2) Sponsored children in Colombia love school supplies

Families in poverty usually canít afford school supplies for their children. Sponsorship helps by providing school supplies as part of educational benefits.

A CFCA sponsored child in El Salvador

Juan Sebastian, a 4-year-old sponsored through CFCA, is excited to receive his school supplies!

Sponsored children in Colombia recently received their school supplies, which will hold them in good stead throughout the academic year.

Juan Sebastian, a 4-year-old child sponsored through CFCA in Colombia, is an active and playful child who loves to share with his classmates. He loves to draw and paint, and these school supplies will help him continue to do so in his classes.

“I am glad to see the happiness of my son with his new school supplies,” said Erika, the mother of Juan Sebastian. “I want to bring to my son the things that I did not have when I was a child, and CFCA is a great support to me to reach my goal. Thanks to the school supplies, my family can get other things that we need.”

School in Colombia started in the last week of January and goes until the last week of November, with a three-week break in June and another week-long break in early October.

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