Mar 11 2013

Food stand in India supports family of 12


Meena preparing dosa, an Indian food.

We recently heard from our Hyderabad project in India about several mothers of sponsored children who are exemplifying the potential of families living in poverty. Here’s the story of Meena, enjoy!

Ours is a large family. We have a total of 12 people staying under one roof.

I am the eldest daughter-in-law of the family. My husband and his two brothers run a food delivery service on the side of a busy street. The other ladies of the household and I support them by preparing chutneys, curries, mixing the flour for dosa (a type of crepe or flat pancake) and also by washing dishes.

My husband’s family has been in this business since before we were married. My son, Shiva, is sponsored through CFCA.

When I got the opportunity to take a loan from my CFCA mothers group for the first time, I purchased a grinder.

Before this, we used to mix the dough and grind it manually in a stone grinder.

Now with the help of an electric grinder, our work is much easier.

I repaid the loan in regular installments and took out another loan to replace the stove and also to purchase steel containers.

After I repaid the second loan, I took out a third loan which helped us purchase more pots and pans and other necessary items.

Tiffin Center

Meena, left, with her family.

We would not be in a position to purchase these items without the loan from my mothers group.

Our food business is the only source of income for my large family. These loans helped us develop our food stand and also made our work much easier.

I am very thankful to CFCA for being with us and giving us this opportunity.

If we didn’t have this opportunity, we may have taken out a private loan with a high interest rate and most of our earnings would be lost to interest payments.

The interest on the mothers group loan is very minimal, and we are able to repay it regularly.

My future plan is to rent a shop to house our food stand.

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