Mar 4 2013

Florida youth raises awareness of CFCA through crafts


Grace, 11, raises awareness of CFCA through selling crafts she made.

No matter how old or young a person might be, anyone can change the world.

Grace Castillo, an 11-year-old from Florida, has proven this to be true through her tremendous efforts raising awareness and funds in support of CFCA’s work.

Grace, who sponsors a child, fellow 11-year-old Salvador from the Philippines, loves to make arts and crafts. She has taken her creations to church craft fairs, selling crocheted hair accessories and other items to benefit Salvador and others in need.

“She is truly our Amazing Grace,” said Abegail Castillo, Grace’s mother. “We are so proud of her for putting her faith into action.”

Grace participated in her first craft fair in November. She sold crocheted headbands, hair accessories, decorated picture frames, magnets, bookmarks, handmade necklaces and bracelets.

“Another vendor at the craft fair was so moved by Graceís passion for CFCA that she invited Grace to participate in another craft fair the following month,” Abegail said.

When people stop by her booth, Grace introduces herself and states that the items at the booth are her creations. She then explains that the net proceeds from her booth go to CFCA.

She talks about what CFCA stands for and how it helps people in need, and she gives them an informational brochure. To top it all off, she shows them a picture of Salvador and talks about how special he is to her and her family.

“Grace’s dream for Salvador is to know that God is always with him, even when life is tough,” Abegail said. “It’s very heart
-warming to see so many who hear Grace’s message of loving God through loving others and be moved by her compassionate heart,” Abegail said.

After selling her crafts in a few more fairs, Grace would like to host and play violin for a benefit concert at her home, to create greater awareness of CFCA.

Click here to learn more about how, like Grace, you can tell others about CFCA.

2 thoughts on “Florida youth raises awareness of CFCA through crafts”

  1. Grace, you are a beautiful example of the stewardship that God expects from all of us. Stewardship is recognizing your God given talents and using them to help others. You are very special to share your talents to help Salvador and CFCA. Hopefully, someday your fund raising efforts will pay your way to visit Salvador. Keep up your wonderful efforts.

  2. Grace, your mother is right. You are amazing! Keep up your wonderful ministry on behalf of the less-fortunate throughout the world.

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