Mar 12 2013

Cristo Rey student learns importance of global citizenship

Dallas Parker

Dallas Parker, a Cristo Rey student and CFCA communications intern.

Our CFCA office participates in Cristo Rey Kansas City High School’s work-study program, where students work five days a month at a local company or organization. Dallas Parker, a Cristo Rey student and CFCA communications intern, describes her experience in our Kansas City office.

Working at CFCA has been a great experience for me. I am being exposed to many aspects of mass media and communications. My goal is to be well-rounded in those areas.

Right now, I am a junior at Cristo Rey and participate in its work-study program.

I have not always worked in the communications department at CFCA.

I began working with the child services department. There, I got to see firsthand the letters to sponsors from their sponsored children!

I thought that was the coolest thing ever. I even scanned photos of the actual children being sponsored all over the world, which were then put into the CFCA database.

As a communications intern at CFCA, I have learned a lot about myself. I believe working here has strengthened me spiritually and mentally.

I have had to mature to adapt to the environment, but that’s a positive improvement.

Working here has shown me so many different subfields I can go into within communications; it has broadened my career spectrum.

El Salvador

Esmeralda, a CFCA sponsored child, left, with her mother, Mayra, and older brother, Ever, outside their home in El Salvador.

I dream much bigger than I used to, thanks to my experiences at CFCA.

To have people willing to expose me to different things is a good feeling. I am very grateful for this opportunity and for the experience as well.

Throughout my time here, I have also learned the importance of being a global citizen. Global citizenship is all about doing your part to help better the world and fortify world peace.

Sponsors are global citizens; they donate money and time to children and aging people who aren’t as fortunate as them. All CFCA employees are global citizens as well for keeping this organization up and running.

It saddens me to think about how ungrateful I can be when it comes to material things. Some sponsored friends don’t have beds to sleep in or running water; I have these things plus much more.

Working at CFCA has encouraged me to reflect and thank God for the things that I do have ó things that most people think should automatically be given to them.

I come from a middle-class family and sometimes wish I had more, but seeing the struggles that the sponsored children and elderly endure makes me appreciate my life.

CFCA has instilled in me the importance of giving to those less fortunate. CFCA has taught me about the daily presence of God in each of our lives.

I have learned to overcome minor obstacles in a mature manner and overall, I really believe I am becoming a better person.

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  1. Dallas, As much as you are learning and receiving in your CFCA experience, I’m sure you are also giving a lot. Thank you for what you do to contribute to the CFCA family. I find it impossible not to be effected by the experience and even more so after the Mission Awareness Trip.

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