Feb 5 2013

Two of a kind: sisters in India open food stand

Curry Point

Jesintha, left, and Prakash at their food stand, Curry Point.

CFCA strives to help families achieve economic self-sufficiency. The Hope for a Family program aims to partner with families so that over time they may rely less on benefits from CFCA and more on their own income-generation activities to meet their basic needs.

We recently heard from our Hyderabad project in India about several mothers of sponsored children who are exemplifying the potential of families living in poverty. Here’s the story of Prakash and her sister Jesintha ó enjoy!

In 2010, my sister, Jesintha, and I started a food stand called Curry Point.

We prepare food items like dal, sambar, potato fry, brinjal curry, tomato pickle and chapattis (Indian bread) and other foods. We sell our meals at reasonable rates, so it is affordable for many.

I am Prakash. My sister and I are part of a mothers group in Hyderabad, India. She has a son sponsored through CFCA, and my son is sponsored as well.

My sister and I both took out a loan from each of our mothers groups to start this curry business.

In the beginning, we were worried that we would not get customers because we were a new business in our town. We slowly got a good response, so we decided to continue with our business.

We are so happy. We both share the work equally.

Cooking curry

Jesintha cooks curry, while Prakash and her Mother prepare other foods.

Together, we purchase vegetables and groceries in the morning. Next, I prepare the curries, and Jesintha prepares some other curries.

In the evening, we both travel to the town center where we have a food stand to sell the curries and other food items.

The income we earn will support our families.

My sister and I both dream our children will receive a quality education.

My sister’s husband deserted her. So the income she earns is the only source of income for her to take care of her family.

Before we started this business she had two jobs, but she still didn’t earn enough income from both places to support her family.

The loan through our mothers group helped us to start our business.

As we earn more profit, we plan to develop the Curry Point further by taking out another loan through our group.

Being a part of the mothers group has taught us how to mingle with people and also how to support each other as we discuss our daily challenges.

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