Feb 11 2013

Sponsor wins $5,000 for her favorite charity, CFCA!

Grace, CFCA sponsor Mary Arling and Cris

From left are Grace Maher, CFCA sponsor Mary Arling and Cris Burnett, all visitors to the CFCA office in Kansas City.

CFCA sponsors never cease to amaze us with the creative ways they support our work. Mary Arling is a great example of a sponsor using her time and interests in support of young people and families served by CFCA.

When Mary Arling began her Christmas shopping buying sweaters and candles for family and friends, she didn’t know that her holiday shopping would also benefit CFCA sponsored friends around the world.

One day while shopping at Town Center Plaza in Leawood, Kan., Mary found out about a special contest, in which the center would donate $5,000 to one lucky winner’s favorite charity.

To participate, shoppers had to go to the administrative office after each shopping trip and make copies of their receipts, which counted as entries into the contest.

“Most people probably didn’t have time to do that during the holidays, and I didn’t really have time for it either, but I thought it was worth it,” Mary said.

So, after each gift she purchased, Mary dutifully stopped by the office, entering her receipts, hoping to “win” the $5,000 donation.

And on Jan. 3, she found out she had done just that. Without hesitation, Mary, a CFCA sponsor for 11 years, designated CFCA as the recipient of the $5,000.

“I support a lot of charities that I could’ve chosen, but I knew CFCA was the right choice,” Mary said.

The $5,000 donation will be used to sponsor five young people who are within three years of completing their education.

Mary will give the gift of sponsorship to four friends or family members. Her hope is that each person will continue to help those struggling in poverty even after the young people they sponsor graduate from the CFCA program.

The fifth sponsorship will go to Grace Maher, marketing coordinator for Town Center Plaza, who will share the sponsorship and letters from her sponsored friend with her co-workers at the shopping center.

“There’s no better charity,” Mary said. “I really like that a large portion of our donated money goes straight to helping children and aging friends. The small amount spent on administrative costs is really impressive. You don’t waste our money.”

Thanks, Mary, and Town Center Plaza, for giving hope to young people and families around the world!

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