Feb 7 2013

Your feedback means so much to CFCA

Pam Bernard at CFCABy Pam Bernard, CFCA printer pool attendant

Whenever sponsors decide to end their sponsorship, we mail them a letter, survey and card inviting them to stay in touch. This is an opportunity for them to tell us about their sponsorship experience.

I take this information and enter it into our database, except for any personal information they may share, keeping just the comments about their sponsorship.

It is really amazing, the gamut of comments and stories that come in from all over. Some are very emotional.

So many people are suffering from all kinds of problems out there, but they still feel so much more blessed when they are able to help someone in need.

Because we have sponsors who have been sponsoring for years, the sponsored child becomes a part of their family, even if they have never met them.

There was one letter from a lady who sponsored a 3-year-old girl and continued helping her until the girl graduated from college to be a school teacher.

The sponsor told about how she had made a book with all of the letters and pictures from her “goddaughter” through the years. The girl’s mother had written until her daughter was old enough to write her own letters.

Pam Bernard reads CFCA sponsor surveys

Pam Bernard enters information from CFCA sponsor surveys in the printer room. The pink envelopes are all the surveys to be entered!

The sponsor said she called her sponsored friend “goddaughter” because God had brought her to her.

When she was looking at the sponsorship folders following a CFCA presentation at her parish, for some reason this little girl spoke to her through her picture. They had a connection of the heart and spirit.

I have read so many stories over the years, and so many have made such an impact on me.

I have had several comments on the surveys saying that no one probably even reads these comments or surveys, and I want to respond, “Oh yes, there is someone reading them!”

When sponsors have questions or requests concerning their sponsored†child or anything that will help them, I either take care of it myself or make sure it is passed along to our Sponsor Services department.

Every time I come across a story that really hits me in the heart, I try to share it with the whole CFCA organization in our weekly community meetings.

I feel like they all should be shared, but there are special ones that pull at your heart strings. One 93-year-old sponsor said her sponsored child is what gave her reason to keep on living because she wanted to see him through college graduation.

One lady had lost everything in a house fire but knew she was still better off than her sponsored child, so she did everything possible to keep sponsoring him through everything, until she lost her job after being out on medical leave following two surgeries.

Stories like these just make me want to make a difference in sponsors’ lives because of all the sacrifices they have made for their sponsored children and aging friends.

These are the stories that need to be told.

5 thoughts on “Your feedback means so much to CFCA”

  1. Thank you for now allowing on line photos. My sponsered child’s mother has been asking me for a picture and I never sent one. Now, it is so easy to do through email!

  2. Thanks for this story, Pam. And kudos to all of you at CFCA for treating everyone with dignity: the sponsored, the sponsors and those who cannot afford to sponsor. That’s why I’m proud to be affiliated with CFCA, for 14 years and counting!

  3. How all of you in CFCA I really like what you are doing about helping children and poor people.
    I also wish to help but I’m also an orphan and I’m student I’m not capable of financial yet but also by commenting is like I’m helping and I support you for doing great job I love what you all are doing.
    Keep up pam bernard and all CFCA team what you are doing is important to poor people and children

  4. I have always known that someone was reading our comments, but it is so nice to see your face and learn your name. Thank you, Pam, for all you do to make our relationship with our sponsored child or aging person even more personal.

    1. Thanks, Margaret. I feel very connected to the sponsors by reading everyone’s comments and trying to do all I can to make sure all of their requests and comments are being addressed. This is the part of my job that I take to heart and very seriously.
      Thanks again!

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