Feb 20 2013

8 reasons why people sponsor through CFCA

Looking for a meaningful way to make a difference, pay it forward or reach out to someone in need? These are all reasons that people choose to sponsor a child or elderly friend through CFCA.

CFCA awareness trips

CFCA sponsor Elizabeth Vautour, middle, meets sponsored friends Michael, left, and Walter, right, on a 2012 CFCA awareness trip to Guatemala.

Using comments from our blog, we’ve compiled eight reasons why people choose to sponsor:

  • ‘Be a voice’ for the voiceless

Ted Dauphin: “As sponsors we can be the voice of those living in extreme poverty. We have an opportunity to help others enjoy a better life.”

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  • Make a difference for a child

Katie: “I began my journey with CFCA while I was in college. My parents sponsored a young child, and encouraged me to do the same. Being that I was a broke college student, $30 seemed a lot at the time. However, I realized that what $30 did for me was not nearly what it could do for someone in poverty. I resolved to do whatever it took to always have at least $30 in my bank account for sponsorship.

“Since then, I cannot even begin to describe the amazing feeling of sponsorship. The small sacrifice I made, made a world of a difference to my sponsored friend from the Philippines. Ö Being a sponsor is the most rewarding and joyful experience. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to make a difference in the lives of others.”

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  • Honor someone’s memory

Rosanna Flournoy: “I sponsor an aging person in Honduras. Ö My mom died at 92 and was quite ill for a very long time. I wanted to help another aging woman who didn’t have the resources we have in the USA so she wouldn’t have to suffer for a lack of necessities in addition to advancing years.”

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CFCA Awareness Trips

CFCA sponsor Jennifer Mack, left, meets her sponsored friend Namisango, right, on a 2012 awareness trip to Kenya.

  • Make the world a better place

Patricia: “I see sponsorship not only as a chance to connect with people from around the world, but also as an investment in our future. These kids WILL change the world.”

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  • Share blessings with others

Elizabeth Williams: “I began to sponsor because I wanted to share the blessings that God had given me. Guess what? You can’t out-give God. He gave me more blessings, LOVE of and for two little girls that I will likely never meet but love as long as I live.”

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  • Help children relate to different cultures

Madeline Mullen: “We sponsor three children (in school) and three young adults (who are finishing their education). Ö I originally thought it would be good for my teen daughter to relate to another girl across the world, and it has been great for her. But in the Internet age, I have to say that NOTHING brightens my day more than getting a letter and/or a photo from a sponsored friend. That’s because Teresa, Dayana, Alma, Njeri, Lucy and Amutha are part of our extended worldwide family.”

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CFCA Awareness Trips

CFCA sponsor, John Tozzi, with his sponsored child Alexis on a 2012 awareness trip to El Salvador.

  • Provide direct help to specific individuals

Lynne Hook: “CFCA has allowed us to provide direct help to a Guatemalan family in need for nearly 15 years now. Our first sponsored girl has graduated from school and become a teacher. We encourage her two sisters through our sponsorship to do well in school. The children are so thankful for the support and it is really such a small way of doing good in the world.”

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  • Build one-to-one relationships

Lauren Glass: “The [child, youth or aging person you sponsor] won’t just become your friend, they will become your family. Companionship is just as much of a need as food or water, and that’s exactly what you can provide and receive in return through sponsorship. You will feel the love and appreciation in every letter, and with every thought and prayer for your sponsor friend. Ö Sponsoring a child or aging isn’t just about the money you give, or simply helping a family halfway across the world. It’s about building relationships, and spreading love.”

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