Feb 1 2013

4 ways to remember sponsored friends at this year’s Super Bowl

It’s the 47th Super Bowl party. Get your snacks and fan gear ready because CFCA is giving you four ways to remember your sponsored friend at this year’s Super Bowl!

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1. Super Bowl parties are full of great snacks.†Fball 1

Super Bowl Sunday is a day filled with food, and a great way to remember your friend is to research a recipe from your sponsored friend’s country and serve it with all your other favorites.

Got a friend in Colombia? Try Celina’s homemade empanadas, or if you have a friend from Honduras, check out an amazing hamburger and sauce recipe from the Faith and Hope mothers group in Honduras!

Family and friends will have many questions, and you can share with them about CFCA. (Check out our recipes page on the blog!)

2. Compare the best commercials and how you would “advertise” CFCA.†Fball2

This year a 30-second Super Bowl commercial costs an average of $3.5 million. That’s more than 9,722 years of sponsorship!

Consider having a competition between family and friends to see who can come up with the best CFCA sponsorship Super Bowl ad. Let us know what you would say in a 30-second commercial about CFCA.

The best part is your commercial won’t cost $3.5 million!

3. Consider cultural party decorations.†Fball 3

Are you decorating with colors from your favorite team? Whether it’s face paint, streamers or table crafts, kids will love to help you use colors in preparation for Super Bowl Sunday.

See whether your sponsored friend’s country flag has any of the same colors, and if so, remember to explain the “other” meaning behind the color you’re using to decorate.

San Francisco 49ers team colors: 49ers red and 49ers gold

Country flags with corresponding colors: Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Philippines, Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, Tanzania, Colombia and Uganda.

Baltimore Ravens team colors: Purple, black, metallic gold and white

Country flags with corresponding colors: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Kenya, Philippines, Chile, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, Tanzania, Colombia, Uganda, Nicaragua, El Salvador, India.

4. Your team just won the Super Bowl! Now what are you going to do?†Fball4

On Jan. 25, 1987, the New York Giants won the Super Bowl. A commercial aired later with New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms, who was asked what he was going to do next.

“I’m going to Disney World!” he said.

So, if your team wins the Super Bowl, what are you going to do?

“I’m going on a CFCA awareness trip to meet my sponsored friend!”

Well, that could be your answer, but if you can’t make a trip halfway around the world, then just try paying it forward!

Try sending your friend a nice letter ó share your love of sports with your friend and ask about his or her favorite sport.

If you have other ideas of how you and your family can incorporate CFCA into your Super Bowl party, we’d love to hear them.

Let us know in the comments below!

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