Jan 4 2013

Widowed mother starts her own business

Md. Baby and her son Anwar.

Md. Baby and her son Anwar.

We recently heard from our Hyderabad project in India about several mothers of sponsored children who are exemplifying the potential of families living in poverty. Hereís the story of Md. Baby ó enjoy!

I was married at an early age. My husband died after the birth of our only son Anwar.

Since then, my problems increased.

I learned to sew after my husband passed away, and I used to go the fields to work as a daily laborer to provide for my family.

When I heard about CFCA sponsorship, I went to apply for the program.

The sponsorship program has given a new hope for me in the form of self-help groups.

As I already knew how to sew, I was interested in opening a tailoring shop that also sells sewing items.

I shared this with my group members and took out a loan.

Md. Baby supervising one of her seamstresses.

Md. Baby supervising one of her seamstresses.

With the group loan I opened the shop and purchased the basic materials.

Every month I save my earnings to repay the loan.

I repaid the first loan, and, over the past five years, I have updated my shop with additional loans from my group.

I also purchased four sewing machines to meet the demand of my customers, and I employ three women to help me support the tailoring work.

As I underwent problems in my past, I hired these other women to help them in their times of crisis, as I was helped in my past.

I provide them with a daily lunch and a monthly salary.

The CFCA self-help group also helped me learn how to speak with the people and also to mingle with others.

My son Anwar is pursing graduation. The sponsorship support helped him to continue his studies and the group loans helped me to develop my tailor shop.

We are so thankful to Anwarís sponsor and CFCA for all their help.

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