Jan 24 2013

Sponsored child crafts ‘clean and green’ turtles from recycled paper

CFCA sponsored child makes recycled paper turtles

Andres in Colombia holds one of the turtles he crafts out of recycled materials.

My name is Andres, and I have been sponsored for six years through CFCA in Colombia.

My father works as a bricklayer and my mother is a housekeeper. My father works by seasons, and sometimes we do not have any income to sustain our family.

One day I had a great idea. I went with my mother to the CFCA office where she met with her mothers group. I like to go and help her during the meetings. At the meeting, I met a mother who knows how to make crafts. She was making many things with plastic, and I was very curious about it.

I wanted to help protect the planet, so I began researching crafts made with recycled paper.

Recycled paper turtles

The finished product!

I decided to make and sell these recycled-paper turtles to help to protect the planet and to help provide a little extra income for our family.

I made my first turtle and showed it to my mother. She liked my turtle, and we went to show the CFCA staff my handicraft.

Everyone wanted to have one, so I started to sell them.

Selling recycled paper turtles

Andres sells the turtles he makes to friends, neighbors and stores.

My mother is glad because sometimes I can help to buy eggs and milk for our breakfast when my father is not working. I save part of the money to buy materials so I can decorate my turtles.

My new goal is to save enough money to buy myself a new pair of shoes.

Making turtles from recycled paper

Andres and his mother make recycled paper turtles at their kitchen table.

My mother is very motivated by her mothers group. She started studying to finish her basic education, but she also helps me to make my turtles.

She likes crafts too, and she always teaches me to recycle. She says that my education is my priority, but she is glad I can spend my free time making crafts to earn a little income.

Now, I am learning to make bracelets so I can have another product to sell. I have fun making crafts, and I feel happy because I am helping my family and protecting the planet.

Now I sell my turtles to my neighbors, friends and people in stores. I want to thank my sponsor for all the benefits and support he is bringing to me.

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