Jan 15 2013

Mother in India starts family business


Sathya opened her own store with help from a CFCA mothers group loan.

We recently heard from our Hyderabad project in India about several mothers of sponsored children who are exemplifying the potential of families living in poverty. Here’s the story of Sathya – enjoy!

My family and I live in a remote village in India.

My husband used to be a contract worker; the income he earned was not enough to support our family.

I had an opportunity to take out a loan through my mothers group.

I talked with my husband, and we both shared the idea of opening a store in our village.

He supported my idea and agreed to purchase the required materials for the store.

First, I opened the store in our home.

I soon repaid the first loan, and I took out another loan to purchase a kiosk made with wood.

After that was repaid, I asked for a third loan to buy a refrigerator to keep a few cool drinks in the store.

After a few years, my husband left his job and is helping me run the business.

My family’s store is the only one available in our village.

Except rice, I keep every required food item for the villagers.

The money we receive from our store is the only source of income for my family. I am very happy with our business.

In the future I am planning to increase the supplies I keep on hand, including feed for the cattle in our village.


Sathya and her family stand in front of their store.

The cattle owners in our village must travel to the nearest town to purchase their animal feed. It is not convenient for them to travel on a daily basis.

By selling cattle feed in our store, we can save the cattle owners time and energy so they will no longer have to travel to town.

I shared my plan in the recent group meeting and requested another loan.

Most of the other mothers group members have cattle that they purchased with loans made from the group’s savings account.

They appreciated my idea and offered me the opportunity to take out another loan.

I felt very happy!

The CFCA Hope for a Family program is based on the basic belief that sponsored friends and their families hold the potential, creativity and resourcefulness needed to create their own pathway out of poverty.

Congratulations, Sathya!

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