Jan 3 2013

Food prices rise around the world

Rising-food-prices-TMB Food prices have increased in recent months, and families in the CFCA program have been affected by the higher costs.

Thanks to CFCA sponsorship, many families have access to direct nutrition benefits or livelihood programs that help them increase their earning potential.

Read the full story about rising food prices and what CFCA is doing to help sponsored friends and their families meet their nutritional needs.

3 thoughts on “Food prices rise around the world”

  1. I agree whole heartedly that CFCA does an Amazing job for all its sponsored children and aged adults. In fact, it is astonishing what CFCA manages to do with so little per beneficiary each month. My wife and I have sponsored many children and adults over 20 years and we will continue to do so as long as we are able.

    My email was intended for someone else with whom I have been having a debate on wasteful government policies designed to help one constituency or another while blindly reducing supply and increasing prices for food around the world. Sorry I hit Reply instead of Forward! :)

  2. Food prices are a direct result of POLITICS; not of CLIMATE and not of WEALTH.

    We routinely “subsidize” many of our food producers to prevent food from becoming too “cheap”. And other countries are way worse than we are.

    We engineer “shortages” of certain grains and other foods to increase prices, but then erect tariffs and other taxes at the border to keep foreign foods out. And so do other countries.

    We reduce the amount of corn and sugar in the market in order to make expensive ethanol. The ethanol actually harms car and truck engines, but it is “green” so we reduce available food stocks and deprive the rest of the world of cheaper food to achieve a political goal.

    We and every other country create barriers to food imports based on supposed “safety” or other criteria, but most of that is based on protectionism; not safety.

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