Jan 14 2013

Community in Colombia plants trees to help in drought

A Chinese proverb says it’s better to light one candle than curse the darkness.

We can find a modern-day parallel in a community in Cali, Colombia, where families in the CFCA program found it’s better to take action and plant a tree to help the environment!

Water walk in Colombia

Yeraldin, CFCA staffer in Colombia and CFCA scholar, plants seeds for a future tree in an environmental campaign to help fight against drought. Yeraldin was sponsored through CFCA as a child.

For several years now, Colombia has suffered from a drought that has caused the nation’s government to urge citizens to conserve water (see this article for more information).

This particular CFCA community in Cali has had limited water supply as a result, and CFCA mothers groups met to discuss the problem.

Their solution? They decided to organize a walk in the community to raise awareness of their concerns, and they planted trees to encourage responsible stewardship of natural resources.

In planting trees, the community is helping conserve water by increasing atmospheric moisture, slowing water evaporation and reducing soil runoff.

Everyone got involved in preparations for the walk. Parents of sponsored children made posters, and three CFCA scholars who are studying social work at the local university ó Yeraldin, Yohana and Celene ó conducted additional planning meetings.
They called the initiative the “united in the struggle for water for the future.”

Water walk in Colombia

Sponsored friends and their families display their posters for the walk.

On Nov. 25 at 8 a.m., the three CFCA scholars, mothers groups, sponsored children and families began the walk, with drums, whistles and posters in hand.

The walk to raise awareness about the drought begins.

The walk to raise awareness about the drought begins.

Overall, about 150 sponsored friends and their families participated. They had a great experience helping one another and planting the seeds of environmental awareness.

Sofia, a CFCA sponsored child, plants seedlings in Colombia

Sofia, a CFCA sponsored child, gets some great experience learning how to plant and care for a seedling!

In the future, Yeraldin says, sponsored families are planning to continue growing in their role as agents of positive change in their community by planting trees and initiating campaigns to protect the water in the area.

What are some steps you’ve taken to help your community recently? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Felicitaciones a Yeraldin y a todo su grupo por ayudar a crear y mantener nuestros recursos naturales y por concientizar a la comunidad para ayudar a su conservaciÛn.

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