Dec 10 2012

Vote for CFCA’s best 2012 blog post!

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We want to hear from you! Out of these top blog posts for 2012, which would you consider the No. 1 post?

The nominations are:

1) ‘Why I believe in sponsorship’

“That, in a nutshell, is why I believe in sponsorship. Because thatís what sponsorship does: It creates relationships that defy geographic, cultural or socioeconomic boundaries. It connects a mom in the U.S. with a young girl in Haiti in such profound ways that my friend was remembering and bragging on Nirhva’s birthday, just like she would her own daughter’s.”

2) 18 small gift ideas to send in your Christmas card

Veronica from CFCA explores creative ways to send a little something to your sponsored friend, something that fits in a package no larger than 9 by 12 inches, weighs less than a pound and is less than an inch thick.

3) What do sponsored children want to know in letters?

CFCA sponsored children from Colombia talk about letters and what they want to hear from sponsors.

4) Finding light in the darkness: Helping sponsored children in El Salvador

“Have you noticed how easy it is to lose a friend but how hard it is to find one? At CFCA we strive to create friendship, a friendship based on mutual respect and support. Just imagine ó some of us are behind the computers programming, some are answering phone calls, some are scanning letters, others are in the field visiting families. We all are contributing to create just one more friendship at a time.”

5) Diego in Colombia gets his bicycle

Diego, a sponsored child in Colombia, used to walk 80 minutes to school ó and that was just one way! Our CFCA colleagues in Bogota were so moved by his perseverance that they worked on getting a bicycle for him so he wouldnít have to walk such a great distance.

6) Taking photos of sponsored children in India

Each year we take a new photo of every child and aging friend sponsored through CFCA. That amounts to more than 300,000 photos taken around the world. Follow a CFCA staffer in India as he travels to remote villages to take more than 3,000 pictures of sponsored friends.

7) Former sponsored youth shares dreams: ‘Today I dared to win’

“I started believing that through studying, one piece of cloth could become throngs of fabulous dresses in a wardrobe. That a single pencil I had could be a whole box of pencils. And that we would no longer worry over everything within our house.”

The No. 1 post that the majority of our readers choose will be given a place of honor on our blog, and it may be repurposed for our promotional and marketing materials.

Have you made your choice? If so, click here to take the survey.

Voting closes Dec. 21, so be sure to vote before then!

Please share the survey with your family and friends, particularly those who don’t yet know about CFCA. We’d enjoy hearing what they think of these posts, too.

Thanks, and we appreciate your help!

One thought on “Vote for CFCA’s best 2012 blog post!”

  1. I enjoyed reading about photographing the sponsored children. That is a lot of hard work! We really enjoy getting a picture of our little sponsored girl every year. Fun to watch them grow up. The hard work is really worth it.

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