Dec 18 2012

‘Pomp and Circumstance:’ Parents graduate in Colombia

Parents of CFCA sponsored children

Parents of CFCA sponsored children stand proudly with their entrepreneurship diplomas.

CFCA believes strongly in the creativity and talents of sponsored families and partners with families throughout the world to unlock their potential.

In Bogota, Colombia, every Friday, leaders from each parents group meet at the CFCA office to participate in a “livelihood projects” class to learn techniques on how to successfully develop their talents and skills into sources of income for their families.

CFCA staffers utilized a local government program focused in the development of professional formation programs.

The main goal is to bring business education to family members of sponsored friends, and have these individuals spread their knowledge to fellow parents in their group.

CFCA staffers have seen many changes in families thanks to this class. Parents have diversified their families’ sources of income and also further developed their skills and talents.

The groups enjoy this class because the information reaches all the families, and it brings them hope to have a better life with their family.

Here’s what a few of our graduates shared:

“Thanks to this class my family and I know that we have hope for a better life. I want to thank the sponsors of my three children, Daniel, Juan and Fabian. My wife is part of a mothers group and it brings us a lot of motivation to get ahead in life. I was the only man in this class, and I learned how to grow and understand different points of view.”

Oscar joyfully receives his diploma.

Oscar joyfully receives his diploma.


“I loved the class because I learned how to manage my own business. I thank CFCA for all the support. My friend Maria and I have a business selling food, and we learned good skills to get ahead. At first I started my business alone, but now I work with my friend. Our goal is to teach other people and have more customers.”


“My name is Maria, and I work with Dora selling food. I have two sponsored children and I liked the class because we learned to be more responsible and to think about the future of our business.”

Maria receives her diploma

Maria, middle, holds her diploma as she stands between Judith, CFCA-Colombia project coordinator, and her teacher, Alvaro.

“I feel very good about CFCA because the staff brought me love, understanding and affection. The class was very important to me because my idea was to have a farm.Now I have a clear idea about my business and I am going to start working on this project with my mothers group.”

“We make handicrafts in my group. I am teaching the other mothers of my group about what we have learned in class. I feel good teaching the other mothers because they understand me and learn new ways to earn more income.”

“I work sewing clothing, and I was invited to participate in this class. I was very interested and now I am so grateful because everything I have learned is important. Now I am more organized and my business is doing very well now. I thank CFCA because my children can have an education and my older son was able to graduate from the university. I thank God for bringing CFCA into my life.”

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