Dec 14 2012

Longtime sponsor plans for Guatemala trip with CFCA

Zena Weist, CFCA sponsor

Zena Weist, CFCA sponsor

So, we talk about CFCA trips all the time.

We’ve told you the stories and showed you the pictures, but it’s still hard to translate the actual joy experienced on a CFCA awareness trip.

Until now.

Zena Weist is a digital marketing professional, blogger, mom, CFCA social media advisory board member and now a CFCA awareness trip traveler!

On Dec. 26, Zena will embark on a weeklong trip to Guatemala to meet her 18-year-old sponsored friend, Angelica.

This is Zena’s first trip to visit her sponsored friend, and she plans on sharing as much information as she can with us while she is there.

“Last year, I became a member of CFCA’s social media advisory board and was thrilled when CFCA asked me to be their first awareness trip social media advocate,” Zena said.

“I am going to meet Angelica ó our sponsored daughter who we have been “talking” with via letters for the last 14 years! This is going to be amazing for me. Ö And if technology and the local wifi holds up, I’ll be sharing it with you in real-time or near real-time.”

Zena plans to interview CFCA staffers and families involved in the program. She hopes to learn more about local CFCA initiatives including income-generating initiatives and other opportunities for CFCA sponsored friends and their families.

Be sure to follow Zena’s experiences on her blog, on Twitter (with #CFCAtrips), on Pinterest and right here on CFCA’s blog.

Share Zena’s posts, tweets and Pinterest boards as she documents her Guatemala adventure.

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