Dec 16 2012

CFCA volunteer hits ‘home run’ in fundraising effort

Bob Meyer, CFCA sponsor and volunteer

Bob Meyer, CFCA sponsor and volunteer

Bob Meyer has volunteered at CFCA headquarters for the past seven years and is dedicated to helping fight poverty around the world.

In addition to volunteering, he’s using his writing talents to help families in poverty realize their dreams for a better life.

Inspired by his love of baseball and a desire to help others, Bob wrote and self-published a book, “Small Town Baseball Ö BIG LEAGUE DREAMS,” focusing on semi-pro baseball in eastern Iowa from the early 1900s to the present. Proceeds from the book are being donated to CFCA and another charity close to Bob’s heart.

Bob has sold more than 600 copies so far, and is planning to donate $1,500 from book sales to CFCA.

“It was the right thing to do,” he said.

Meyer first learned about CFCA sponsorship through a priest visiting his church.

Shortly after beginning their sponsorship of Jeferson in Guatemala, Bob and his wife, Ruth, decided to visit him on a CFCA trip.

“Those awareness trips really put things into perspective and let you know the inner workings of the organization,” Bob said. “I would suggest that everyone, if possible, try to make one awareness trip to meet their sponsored child, and to see CFCA in operation.”

While on the trip, Bob and Ruth learned about CFCA’s volunteer program.

At CFCA headquarters in Kansas City, volunteers help process more than 1.5 million letters annually from sponsored friends to their sponsors.

When the letters arrive at CFCA, volunteers work diligently to get them in envelopes and in the mail to sponsors.

Since they live in Kansas City, Bob and Ruth felt that CFCA was the perfect fit for them.

“We were always interested in volunteer work, and we heard about it on the trip, so we decided to check it out,” Bob said. “We thought this is something we would like to do, and we have been doing it ever since.”

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