Dec 7 2012

CFCA in the blogosphere: Zena, Elizabeth and Bill

CFCA blogIt’s our privilege to announce three recent blog posts that feature CFCA:

Nothin’ but SocNET: chatting about social networking

CFCA trip – What do you want me to share during my trip?

Blogger and CFCA social media advisory board member Zena Weist is about to travel to Guatemala for her first awareness trip. Zena is writing a series of blog posts about her trip and her sponsorship of 18-year-old Angelica through CFCA. The posts will be published on her blog each Tuesday until she leaves for Guatemala on Dec. 26. Check back on CFCA’s blog and Zena’s blog to see real-time updates from her trip.

Read some of what she wrote last week:

I am going to meet Angelica ó our sponsored daughter who we have been “talking” with via letters for the last 14 years! This is going to be amazing for me. I honestly don’t have the words. And if technology and the local wifi holds up, I’ll be sharing it with you in real-time or near real-time.

Read the full post here

Water Rolls Uphill ó Rise and Dream: A CFCA Documentary

CFCA’s first documentary film, “Rise and Dream,” was released earlier this year. More than 1,000 movie night kits have been distributed.

Many thanks to one blogger who wrote about her family’s “Rise and Dream” movie night, which took place in her home.

Here is an excerpt from her movie night experience:

I think our biggest takeaway from the documentary was as discussed by one of the major singers in the concert ó to love one another, and how loving one another will end the violence in our world and help to provide for those that need help in lifting themselves from their less than ideal circumstances.

Read the full post here

Bill’s ‘Faith Matters’ Blog: Lifting children’s dreams

Last, but certainly not least, we would like to thank Bill Tammeus, former Faith columnist for The Kansas City Star. Bill writes about “Rise and Dream” and its most recent achievement.

When I saw an early version of the film I found it fascinating and quite inspiring. And obviously others agree, because the movie just received the Reel Rose Best Documentary Film Award at the John Paul II International Film Festival earlier this month at Florida International University.

Read the full blog post here

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