Dec 13 2012

‘A blessing in my life:’ Kasey’s sponsorship experience

By Kasey, who sponsors Amelia through CFCA

Amelia, left, and Kasey, right.

Amelia, left, and Kasey, right.

I heard about CFCA through an online search.

I knew I wanted to sponsor through a reputable program, and after extensive research and finding that CFCA’s values lined up with my own beliefs, I knew I had found the right place.

I searched the profiles and determined that a woman named Fabiana needed my help most.

Her story resonated with me. For $30 a month, I could help this elderly widow off of her straw bed on the ground and change her whole life.

When I got her first letter, I cried. I read it over and over and then wrote back saying that, although she thought I was a blessing to her life, she was also a blessing in mine.

The gratitude I felt through her handwritten words spoke to my heart.

I carried them close until about a year later when she passed away. I mourned her passing but rejoiced in knowing that I brought her great comfort in that past year.

CFCA then found me Amelia, and although from a different continent and telling a different tale, I was written into her story.

I wanted to sponsor an aging friend from the beginning. It was one of the reasons I chose CFCA because not many other organizations offer this idea.

I feel that the aging are overlooked during the sponsorship process because so many want to help the children of the world.

Although I absolutely stand behind supporting those whose futures are yet to be written, we cannot forget those who have already given their families and communities years of service.

Amelia's letter.

Amelia’s letter to Kasey.

It is similar to comparing funding education in schools and rewarding the students who have made the honor roll. Those honors students deserve their gold star.

I have already shared my experience and encouraged those I know to sponsor through CFCA.

I tell them about the relationship that Amelia and I have, and how I get beautifully handwritten letters from her that bring me to tears every time I receive one. They make my heart swell.

It is difficult to convince someone to give up income that is challenging to come by today, but when you think about how you can literally change someone’s life with what is so small in comparison to our lifestyle, it is also hard to refuse.

I would absolutely encourage others to sponsor through CFCA because they are so hands-on with those in the program. (Traveling on foot around the world to meet those in the program?! What other president of an organization does that?!)

I hope my story, which is also Amelia’s and Fabiana’s story, will guide another to sponsorship with CFCA.

I know there are others who feel that they live to help, as I do, and that they find their place to do so, whether it is through CFCA or another calling.

2 thoughts on “‘A blessing in my life:’ Kasey’s sponsorship experience”

  1. Kasey, clearly there are at least three blessings here; you to Amelia, Amelia to you, and you to all of CFCA. I could tell from the picture you are young and I wasn’t surprised when Amelia commented about your age. You should be very proud of yourself for your efforts and the thought process that led you to sponsoring a several aging friends. I went on the 2012 Philippine Mission Awareness Trip and there was a 20+ year old with her aging friend……it was beautiful. Your maturity and love shines through in your article. I am inspired and impressed.

    You are an inspiration for everyone, especially young people.

  2. Kasey,
    You write a beautiful testimony as to the work of CFCA and the relationship which can be established between sponsor and sponsored. My wife and I have sponsored through CFCA for 15 years now. It is still such a special part of our lives; there is nothing like it to ground one in one’s faith and one’s attachment to the marginalized members of society. I encourage you, when you are able, to visit your new friend on a Mission Awareness Trip (MAT). God bless you in your generosity. Merry Christmas!!!

    Steve W

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