Nov 13 2012

Uganda: ‘Pearl of Africa’

Join us as we celebrate Geography Awareness Week with National Geographic and friends. This year’s theme is “Geography: Declare Your Interdependence.”

Did you know that Winston Churchill once called Uganda the “Pearl of Africa?”

Uganda mapCFCA began working in this East African country, with an area slightly smaller than the state of Oregon, in 1993. Today Uganda’s population is estimated at more than 30 million people.

Our Hope for a Family sponsorship program is based in the capital city of Kampala, with outreach to families in Masaka, Busunju and Ssekanyonyi.

About 15 percent of the under-18 population in Uganda, or 2.7 million children, are orphans, according to a UNICEF report.

Most of these children were orphaned because of AIDS, the report explains, but deaths caused by armed conflict and war have added to the problem.

CFCA staff members said taking in orphans places emotional and financial pressure on caregivers, who may be responsible for their own children as well.

As a result, staffers said, orphans can suffer abuse by the same family members who are supposed to care for them.

How can sponsorship help in such cases? Well, it can alleviate the financial strain on caregivers by helping them meet basic needs of education, health care, food and clothing.

While sponsorship is never to be a substitute for parents and family, many orphans often look to their sponsors for guidance.

One orphan, Rosemary, found encouragement to continue her studies in the letters she received from her sponsor, Eileen Lowrie.

Statements such as “Continue your good work in school,” and “I give you so much credit for all you have accomplished” helped Rosemary stay focused on her education.

“These may look like small statements to some people, but to me, they were always the source of encouragement,” Rosemary said.

Rosemary took that encouragement and graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

She is now a social worker at the CFCA-Kampala project, where she helps with letter writing, benefits distribution, recreational activities and filing.

Learn more about Geography Awareness Week here.

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  1. Am Kyaterekera Joseph apast student in this project, and I greatly apliciate it for the benefits I achieved in the 12years I spent in this project from 2000 upto 2012 which I can’t even account including; school fees, family needs, health needs, to mention but afew. Am now earning aliving. Long live CFCA UGANDA BUSUNJU PROJECT.

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