Nov 26 2012

‘Rise and Dream’ family movie night: One sponsor’s experience

Rise and Dream movie night with Newpower family

CFCA sponsor Christine Newpower with her son, Paul, 13, and her daughters, Sarah, 9, and Grace, 7. Along with the film DVD and a music CD, the “Rise and Dream” movie night kit contains a planning guide, invitations and other materials to help make your movie night a fun and successful experience.

Great learning opportunities can sometimes occur right in your living room!

Christine Newpower, a sponsor from California, read about the special “Rise and Dream” movie night kit offer extended to CFCA sponsors and volunteers in one of our newsletters.

Christine, who grew up abroad and remembers her Southeast Asian roots, saw the film as an opportunity to teach her children about global poverty.

“We wanted our children to understand how blessed they are in comparison to children growing up in poverty overseas,” she said. “We also wanted to provide that extra connection, knowing that a large part of our extended family still lives there.”

Christine ordered and received a “Rise and Dream” DVD and movie night kit in July and organized a family movie night for her husband and their three children.

“After dinner, we set up our family room with sodas, popcorn, pretzels and chips,” Christine said. “We turned off the lights and drew the blinds for the full theater experience.”

In more ways than one, the film’s setting hit home for the Newpowers. The family sponsors Jasmine, a 9-year-old in the Philippines. Christine’s children have expressed interest in meeting Jasmine someday on a CFCA trip.

Watching the teens in the film overcome hardships inspired the Newpowers to sponsor two more children, one for each of the children in their family.

“We were all impressed by the success of the teens in ‘Rise and Dream,’ in getting their educations and moving on to good jobs,” she said. “Their determination and hard work played a large role and we hope this was impressed on our own children.”

Christine said she’d like to host another movie night, extending an invitation to her children’s friends and their families. To other sponsors who are interested in hosting a movie night in their own homes, Christine gives some advice.

“Plan in advance and don’t be afraid,” she said. “Even showing immediate family and friends can help both CFCA and those who watch.”

Interested in hosting your own movie night? Here are 5 tips:

  • Tell us about your screening.

Register your movie night by calling (800) 875-6564 or go to We’ll provide support and materials to help make your screening a success. Your guests will be counted toward our goal of finding 1 million viewers!

  • Invite guests.

The movie night kit contains postcard invitations you can send to your guests. You can invite family, friends, members of your faith community, neighbors or anyone else you think might enjoy the film. Anyone interested in a compelling story about education, music, culture, religious unity or the resiliency of the human spirit will enjoy “Rise and Dream.”

  • Plan your evening.

Before your movie night, test your DVD equipment and familiarize yourself with the DVD menu and movie extras. You might also consider beginning the night with light snacks or refreshments as your guests arrive and visit with one another.

  • Invite group discussion.

Let your guests know that there will be an opportunity for a post-screening conversation. The movie night planning guide includes questions to help with a meaningful discussion.

  • Have fun!

The greatest outcome from your movie night is that everyone enjoys themselves and leaves feeling enriched.

One thought on “‘Rise and Dream’ family movie night: One sponsor’s experience”

  1. Thank you, Christine and family, for sharing your beautiful story of the movie showing and sharing your lives with your sponsored children. It means a lot to them to know someone cares. All the best from all of us in Kansas City.

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