Nov 14 2012

Chile: A beacon of hope

map of ChileJoin us as we celebrate Geography Awareness Week with National Geographic and friends. This year’s theme is “Geography: Declare Your Interdependence.”

CFCA has worked in Chile since 1982, and currently works with almost 5,000 sponsored friends and their families.

Chile’s unusual proportions ó 2,700 miles long and 109 miles wide ó makes it the longest country in the world in terms of length-to-width ratio.

It is one of the most prosperous countries in South America, but extreme poverty still exists.

CFCAís project in Valparaiso works closely with families, empowering mothers, preserving the dignity of the aging and opening the doors of education for children and youth.

The Valparaiso project hosts a training program for mothers of sponsored children, teaching them income-generating skills to help them increase their household income and save money.

Through this program, mothers learn tailoring, weaving and hairdressing, and are given supplies and transportation to the training site. Child care is also provided.

Every year, this program teaches about 230 mothers the skills they need to build a path out of poverty for their families.

Despite seemingly dire circumstances, hope remains a shining beacon for CFCA families in Chile.

Just watch as sponsored children have fun playing “Atrapar la Cola” or in English, “Grab the Tail.”

Seeing these hope-filled children giggle and smile will surely make you do the same.

Learn more about Geography Awareness Week here.

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