Oct 2 2012

New sponsor’s experience with CFCA: Missy

We’d like to introduce Missy, a new sponsor, who lives in Chicago. Missy discovered CFCA through our website, www.cfcausa.org, and has been sponsoring since June. She started by sponsoring an aging friend, then added a child and youth to her sponsorships.

Missy, CFCA sponsorHow did you hear about CFCA, and what inspired you to sponsor?

I actually just came across this site while browsing around online. It may have been an “accident,” or perhaps, I was gently brought to it.

My philosophy is no one should ever have to suffer, and that includes people everywhere all over the planet, which basically goes hand in hand with CFCA’s mission: “Our mission is to walk with the poor and marginalized of the world so they may live with dignity and participate fully in society.”

Whatever I can do to help alleviate the suffering of others, I will do so.

So far, has the experience of sponsorship matched up with any expectations you had when you started? Have there been any surprises or new things you’ve learned along the way?

It has really exceeded my expectations. It’s not just a handout each month and that’s the end of it.

What I love is that you help provide essential benefits to help people climb out of poverty.

You also get the chance to be encouraging and to develop a special friendship, which to me is absolutely priceless. Plus, I am inspired by my sponsored friends.

You have sponsored friends across all ages! What have been some of the similarities and differences in getting to know each of them?

Well, I will be discovering that soon, since I’m still relatively new (only since June, and the first sponsored friend for me was my aging friend).

Missy and her sponsored friends

Three of Missy’s sponsored friends, from left to right, are Ester in the Philippines, Jose in Bolivia, and Sonia in Bolivia.

If I could, I would sponsor everyone. That’s how much this means to me, and the organization, and my sponsored friends.

I was inspired by what I read on CFCA’s website, and on its Facebook page. I wanted to sponsor from all three age groups, because I wanted to help each group.

Similarities are that they all struggle with poverty or live below the ideal economic level.

What would you say to anyone considering sponsorship but with questions regarding the cost, whether it makes a difference, etc.?

You will be so blessed in ways that you can’t even begin to imagine, and your sponsored friends will be too. It’s an absolute win-win situation for everyone.

To steal Nike’s quote: Just Do It! Yes, it works!

Thirty dollars is really not that high of a cost, and it really goes a long way each month.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I cannot stress enough how much I love this organization and everything that it stands for, because it matches my own philosophy. So to CFCA, I say thank you.

Thanks so much, Missy!

5 thoughts on “New sponsor’s experience with CFCA: Missy”

  1. Hi Missy
    What a beautiful outlook on life you exhibit. We identify with all your comments. We sponsor 7 children and 1 adult in 3 countries. We have visited Guatemala 3 times, Ecuador 4 times and hope to visit Bolivia this year. The mission awareness trips are awesome. CFCA has truly given us the most rewarding experiences of our lives. Our favorite quote by Mother Teresa of Calcutta:
    “Dear Jesus, Let us preach about you, not with words, but by the example of our lives”

    Keep up the good work Missy

    1. Hola Missy,

      I’d like to add my “ditto” to the comments above. My wife and I have sponsored through CFCA for the past 15 years. We have made 4 MAT’S together, and I have gone on one by myself. The trips are TRULY life changing. The people we have met on these trips – both the sponsored kids and our fellow sponsors – have enriched our lives in so many ways. I encourage you to take the plunge.

      Steve W.

  2. welcome to the CFCA family Missy I am so happy that you are joining us and thrilled that you have sponsored Sonia …we had shared her photo and info here on facebook hoping she would find her sponsor … our Ahijado Miguel in Quatemala turns 14 years old today !! It has been just over 8 yrs that we have been his Madrina and Padrino and we wouldn’t trade it for the world !! Again, welcome to the CFCA family Missy and for opening your heart to your three beautiful new friends !!

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