Oct 16 2012

5 important things to remember about CFCA sponsorship

Maybe you’re a new sponsor, or maybe you’ve sponsored through CFCA for several years now. Regardless of where you are in your sponsorship journey, we’ve put together five “things to remember” that answer common questions about sponsorship and how it works:

CFCA sponsor

CFCA sponsor Kevin meets Tatiana, his sponsored child in Colombia.

1. Remember that CFCA sponsorship is a one-to-one relationship.

Every child, youth and aging person in our Hope for a Family program has one sponsor.

CFCA sponsorship provides sponsored friends and their families with resources such as education, food, skills training, micro-loans and participation in a caring, supportive CFCA local community.

While sponsorship benefits vary depending on location and family needs, the goal of the Hope for a Family program is to help families in their efforts to break the cycle of poverty.

2. Remember to write.

Writing a letter is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your sponsored friend.

Letters from sponsors are often prized possessions for sponsored friends and their families. It is sometimes the only mail they receive.

CFCA sponsored child

Norma, a CFCA sponsored child in El Salvador, reads a letter from her sponsor.

Sponsored friends cherish what their sponsors send in the mail, and words of encouragement can be read and re-read in times when encouragement is needed most.

You can send a letter to your friend through the mail or you can log into your online sponsorship account at hopeforafamily.org to send an eLetter to your sponsored friend.

Your eLetters are emailed directly to the local CFCA office where your friend lives. There they are translated and then delivered to your sponsored friend.

It saves time and money. Click here to write an eLetter to your sponsored friend.

3. Remember the $30 a month is not a handout.

The benefits, programs and services extended to your friend through sponsorship are administered by a CFCA project.

Your sponsorship contribution helps with needs such as tuition, uniforms, school supplies, food, health care, recreational activities, livelihood initiatives, formation workshops for parents and more.

(Detailed descriptions of the program benefits and services offered in your friend’s project are listed on the “My Sponsorships” page of your online sponsorship account. Simply login, select your sponsored friend’s name and click on their project to learn more about the benefits offered in their area.)

In addition to their long-distance relationship with you, your friend and their family are accepted into a local CFCA community that supports them on a daily basis.

Part of this community is the support group that your friend’s parents or guardian will most likely belong to. Much of the progress achieved by your friend’s family in the Hope for a Family program will be through participation in this CFCA support group.

Also known as community-based groups, self-help groups and mothers groups, this model of development gives parents and guardians of sponsored children more ability to shape the CFCA Hope for a Family program in their areas.

The decentralized structure of the small-group model also allows CFCA headquarters in Kansas City and the CFCA project serving your friend to respond to the families’ needs more efficiently.

CFCA graduate

Joseph was sponsored through CFCA and recently graduated with a bachelor of science in communications and public relations. Way to go, Joseph!

4. Remember there’s no “cut-off” date to sponsorship.

CFCA does not have a “cut-off” date for sponsored friends.

Other sponsorship organizations may end the sponsorship once a child turns 18. At CFCA, youth may remain eligible for sponsorship as long as they are in school and meet other program requirements.

With the help of CFCA sponsorship, young people have become teachers, nurses, social workers, accountants and doctors, and they have pursued various other professional careers and trades.

5. Remember you’re making a difference!

Sometimes it may feel like nothing’s happening or you’re waiting for a letter for what seems like forever, but we hear every day how important your support and friendship are to your sponsored friend.

As Mother Teresa said, “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”

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