Sep 11 2012

Why does my sponsored child send me hand-drawn pictures in letters?

Ask Sponsor ServicesQ. Why does my sponsored child send me hand-drawn pictures in letters?

A. Many of our projects hold letter-writing camps, where sponsored children and youth come together to write letters to their sponsors.

All sponsored friends must write a minimum of two letters a year. Young children who cannot yet read or write can color on letters or draw pictures. These drawings are then paired with letters to sponsors, which may be written by a parent, older sibling or staff member.

CFCA scholars also perform community service hours for their scholarships. Many talented young scholars will fulfill their hours by drawing, painting or sketching pictures for sponsored friends to send to their sponsors.

If you receive a drawing with your letter, the important thing to remember is that sponsored friends care for their sponsors and want to send them something special.

For sponsored friends who live in poverty, a drawing may be the only thing they can give back to their sponsors.

Want to see what weíre talking about? Check out these paintings and sketches we received from a CFCA scholar!


4 thoughts on “Why does my sponsored child send me hand-drawn pictures in letters?”

  1. Such good ideas. Thanks, I will use these suggestions to send to my little Karla in Guatemala.
    Would small puzzles be good also?

  2. I did something fun with my sponsored child’s drawing. I took it with me like a flat Stanly. I took pics of their drawing in different places. American children holding their drawing while on horseback. I visited my sister in El Paso took a pic of me with the drawing with the desert in the background. My little girl lives in Costa Rica so I thought the desert would be something totally different she hasn’t seen. My different family members holding her drawing. Sent her the pictures. She enjoyed that a lot.

  3. Every letter we receive from Juan David has a wonderful drawing in color on the back of the letter. We are amazed with the great imagination he displays in his letter writing skills and his artistic abilities. Our whole family is truly Blessed having Juan David as our “Prayer Partner”.

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