Sep 13 2012

Talking photographs: the definition of sponsorship

“Sponsorship is not all about the material things. It is about the willingness of a person to help another [and] a connection between two people who have good relationships to one another.”
Andrew — A youth in the Philippines who is waiting for a sponsor

sponsor a child
Now that we have your attention …

sponsor a child

Look at the smiles on these happy faces.

sponsor a child

Sponsorship means more than just material benefits.

sponsor a child

It means friendship.

sponsor a child in India

It means that a child has the opportunity to learn.

sponsor an aging friend

It creates healthy relationships where few may have existed before.

Hope for a Family sponsorship program

Sponsorship means hope for a family.

Sponsor a child in Guatemala

Even for little brothers, like this one!

Sponsor a youth in India

Sponsorship brings encouragement and inspiration,

Sponsor a child in Bolivia

and creates a bond of friendship to last a lifetime.

Sponsor an aging friend from Guatemala

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