Sep 27 2012

Sponsored youth and scholar: ‘CFCA has been like a family to me’

Sponsored youth in Kenya

CFCA sponsored child, Purity, takes her education seriously.

Nineteen-year-old Purity is strictly business when it comes to education.

“My advice to fellow students is to be serious,” Purity said.

Purity is a first-year student at South Eastern University in Kenya pursuing a bachelor’s degree in economics, with help from her sponsorship through CFCA and a CFCA scholarship.

“CFCA has helped me throughout my education by providing school fees and uniforms,” Purity said. “I have a good relationship with my sponsor and they encourage me a lot. CFCA has been like a family to me.”

Purity and her four sisters grew up in a mud house on a small piece of land in Kenya. Her mother and father are both skilled farmers and they would try to find work as casual laborers on farms.

Although Purity’s mother and father found work, the humble income they earned was hardly enough to provide for everyone in the family.

“Sometimes we would go to sleep on an empty stomach,” Purity’s mother, Martha, said.

Purity remembers the challenges she faced before sponsorship. Her parents could not afford her school fees and Purity would then be turned away from school. Martha recalls these emotional times and how much it pained her to see her daughter so sad because she could not get an education.

Purity was accepted into the CFCA Hope for a Family sponsorship program in 1999 when she was 7 years old, and the family’s financial burden was lightened.

Purity and her mother Martha

CFCA sponsored youth Purity, left, and her mother, Martha.

“I was happy because a load was lifted off my shoulders,” Martha said.

Purity is not only a sponsored youth but a scholarship student as well. She uses benefits from her sponsorship as well as her scholarship to pay for some of her tuition and other school-related costs.

Without the assistance she receives from sponsorship and her scholarship, she wouldn’t have been able to attend school.

In the future, Purity hopes to work in a bank because math is her favorite subject, but her goals don’t stop there.

“I would like to change my family’s livelihood and in the future, I would like to start up a children’s home,” she said.

In Purity’s free time, she helps out at the CFCA office fulfilling her service hours as required by the scholarship program. She helps by filing, distributing benefits and assisting the children while they write letters.

Being a part of the Hope for a Family program has helped Purity’s mother as well.

Martha is a member of a CFCA mothers group in her area and has benefitted from the group.

“We advise and encourage each other,” Martha said. “I have grown as an individual since I joined the group.

“I encourage [Purity] and tell her that her future will be bright as long as she stays focused on her goals.”

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