Aug 24 2012

Good news around the CFCA world

Just a few of the awesome ways that sponsored children, aging friends and their families are serving as agents of change in their local communities!

1) Recycling efforts in southern Guatemala

Recycling in a CFCA community in GuatemalaA CFCA community of approximately 1,800 sponsored friends has had great success with a recent recycling initiative.

In just two months they were able to raise $1,100 from picking up and recycling plastic bottles!

Omar Tojin, a CFCA staff worker in this community, said that 90 percent of all the sponsored friends in the program are participating.

The money raised from the recycling initiative goes to buy wheelchairs for sponsored children and elderly who have special needs.

2) Eco-stoves in Suyapa, Honduras

By the end of August, 195 families in Suyapa, Honduras, can breathe easy, thanks to 195 brand new eco-stoves being built by CFCAís Suyapa project.

What’s an eco-stove, you might ask? Great question!

People living in poverty often burn firewood to cook their food. These stoves produce large amounts of smoke that can cause asthma, emphysema and other health risks.

Not only do these stoves produce health risks for the inhabitants of the home, but they also cause the destruction of forests to obtain wood for the fire.

Eco-stoves are designed to use less firewood and are built with a ventilation system so smoke does not enter the home.

With these new improvements, many families will now be able to enjoy a happy and healthy life.

Watch the video below to learn more and see how an eco-stove is made.

[vimeo= w=600&h=400]

3) Home gardens in Ocotepeque, Honduras

Families in Ocotepeque, Honduras, are sowing the fruits of their labor ó literally.

CFCA staff members wanted to give families an opportunity to put food on their table and to help them generate extra income, so the home garden project was born.

Project staff and families in Ocotepeque began by organizing 17 small-scale home gardens.

The staff and families reached out to USAID for training and guidance on planting and cultivating crops. USAID provided technical assistance, since they are skilled with developing home gardens on a much larger scale.

The families and project staff worked together to design the layout of the gardens and evaluated the land levels and amount of light needed to produce crops.

The families received 10 different types of seeds to plant in the gardens, which were paid for using the project need fund.

After the technical training from USAID, families were responsible to manage and work on their gardens, with the hope that after they began generating income they can add other varieties of seeds to their garden.

4) Recognizing students in India for academic excellence

It always makes our day to hear that sponsored children are doing well in school. Many of our projects hold awards ceremonies and other events to encourage students to finish strong in their studies.

Our CFCA project in Palay, India, organized a special event in July to recognize about 500 students who have done exceptionally well in secondary school.

The event was designed to recognize and honor difficult achievements and motivate all students to stay in school and work hard in their studies. It included lunch and small awards for all participants.

5) Mothers group in Bogota, Colombia

In Colombia, the Yajany mothers group goes above and beyond to help their community.

Mothers groups in Colombia

The Yajany mothers group in Colombia makes decorations out of recyclable materials.

CFCA staff members explained the benefits of the small groups to the mothers, and told them how it would help them start productive projects and earn extra income for their family.

One of the groupís most interesting activities includes a monthly grocery raffle among the mothers.

The group meets once a month to raffle a bag of groceries to one member of the mothers group.

The members meet weekly to find recyclable material and to make ornaments and decorations to sell.

The group members are united, and they love to share their lives with one another.

ìAs a group we always try to find new ways to raise money and to make our group stronger,î said Amanda, one of the mothers in the group. ìWe are open to new ideas and are working to achieve our goals.î

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