Aug 9 2012

CFCA scholars in Colombia share talents with community

By Harrison Garcia, CFCA communications liaison in Bogota, Colombia

CFCA-Colombia scholars

CFCA scholars Ingrid and Samuel plan their workshops at their local CFCA office.

A scholarship means a lot for a youth who wants to continue getting an education.

The CFCA project in Bogota has 14 scholarship students who want to give back after the support they’ve received from CFCA.

We recently chatted with two of them, Ingrid and Samuel, and heard about their hopes and dreams for the future.

After years of sponsorship, both these youth were selected to receive a CFCA scholarship in addition to their sponsorship.

Ingrid, 21, a CFCA scholar

I am learning to be a sports teacher at the National Pedagogic University in Bogota. For me, sponsorship is great and really changed my life.

At first I did not like to attend the CFCA workshops and just wanted to receive sponsorship benefits like school supplies, groceries, etc.

Ingrid and sponsored children in Colombia

Ingrid and sponsored children have fun while learning!

One day my sponsor came to visit me, and it was a great surprise for me.

It was beautiful because my sponsor told me that I am part of his family. I am so thankful because my sponsor and CFCA have been a great help to my family and me.

After the visit of my sponsor, I got motivated to participate more in the workshops and share the knowledge that I learned in the university.

I support the CFCA office in many ways. For example, I help teach workshops to the mothers and sponsored youth, and I help the younger sponsored children with their homework.

The CFCA Scholarship Program helps pay for my education, materials and transportation.

It feels great to help other people, helping them to learn. We make new friends, and I also have the chance to give good advice to my students when they have personal problems.

I am so thankful for sponsorship because it has been a great help to my family. Thanks to sponsorship, I am the person that I am today and I have the chance to help others with the knowledge I have learned.

We also have a youth group, and the idea is for the youth to become leaders in the CFCA office so they also can help support the community.

My goals are to graduate from school and work in a rural school to help children. I would like to help my mother teach children handcrafts and other subjects.

Samuel, 20, a CFCA scholar

Samuel teaches workshops for mothers of sponsored at his local CFCA office.

I am studying computer engineering.

I have been a leader at the local CFCA office and then I got a CFCA scholarship. I feel committed now, and I wanted to share my computing knowledge with sponsored children.

The scholarship is a great help to me because I can pay for my transportation.

It is a great economical help to my family because we do not have the money to pay for my education.

I want to thank my sponsor so much for all the unconditional support during all this time. Thanks to CFCA and my sponsor, I am the successful young man that I am now.

I feel lucky and glad to help others with my knowledge. I am pretty happy because I was shy, but now I am a leader and I teach workshops. I motivate other young people to become CFCA leaders like me.

Samuel, CFCA scholar in Colombia

Samuel meets with one of the mothers at the CFCA office.

I help teach about hardware to youth. Right now I am also teaching two mothers groups.

I also help with the birthday and Christmas celebrations and teach young children about computing.

The mothers trust me and we try to bring good advice to one another. We have built strong friendships because we help one another share our skills.

The sponsorship and scholarship program changed my life. I am talkative now, and I am a better leader. I love to meet new people and feel glad to be a support for them.

CFCA helped me grow in the value of serving others.

I want to thank my sponsor for bringing me the chance to be part of CFCA and getting all these wonderful sponsorship benefits. I thank my sponsor and love her for supporting me during 14 years.

We have shared our lives, and now she is like my best friend.

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