Aug 4 2012

CFCA in the blogosphere: Loving simple living + Realization of a dream

CFCA blogIt’s our privilege to announce two recent blog posts that feature CFCA:

Loving simple living: CFCA

This blogger heard about CFCA through a sponsor, Teresa, who runs a small business with her husband in raising alpacas. Here’s an excerpt of what Teresa had to say about sponsorship:

We sponsor Pablo from Peru. We chose a child rather than an elderly person because we feel an education will help out for future generations, too. We chose Peru because that is the native land of alpacas and because I remember a little Spanish from my classes in high school. We started sponsoring him last year in November 2011.

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‘Realization of a dream’

Many thanks to Joe Filoramo for blogging about his recent trip to Guatemala! One of the many activities he did there was to visit his family’s sponsored friend, Olivia, and her family.

As nice as the view of the town was, its inhabitants were the object of my visit.

After around an hour-and-a-half drive, I pulled up in the town center, met one of the workers from the CFCA (Christian Foundation for Children and Aging), and was escorted up into the middle of town to a small home, where I met Juana, the older sister of my familyís sponsored child Olivia. Juana called up to the house in the Mayan language Kakchiquel, and a moment later, I saw Olivia.

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