Aug 13 2012

Building strong families through fun activities

Family integration activity day in Colombia

Sponsored children and their families gather together for a family fun day.

Do you ever wonder how your family can build stronger bonds together?

Maybe you have something like a family fun day involving board games or going to the park?

A CFCA community in the town of Sopo in Colombia understands that sharing and group activities help build strong families.

Take a look at the changes CFCA has made in the lives of sponsored friends and their families in Colombia.

Local CFCA staffers encourage sponsored children and their families to spend quality time together by playing interactive games such as basketball, board games, soccer and ping pong.

The CFCA community in Sopo received help from the mayor’s office to support this recreational program.

Families were able to use educational games, materials and find a location for the activities.

The mayor’s office also offers workshops for parents so they can learn the importance of playing games with their children and sharing with them.

Parents can take the knowledge gained from these workshops and teach other parents of sponsored children the same skills.

Families enjoying snacks during family integration day in Colombia.

Sponsored children and their families eat snacks after playing games.

Many of the parents work long hours and donít have much time to spend with their children.

Thanks to these activities, they have the opportunity to play games with their children and have fun together.

The mothers groups plan these activities on weekdays or weekends according to people’s schedules. They take place twice a year during summertime.

“These activities are beautiful because we see the parents become kids again,” said Harrison Garcia, CFCA communications liaison in Colombia. “They play games with their children and show their love for each other.”

Lucila, mother of a sponsored child in Colombia.

Lucila holding her very first doll.

For example, Lucila is the mother of a sponsored girl named Yeimmy. Lucila is part of the mothers group called Caminando por un sueÒo, or Walking down a dream.

Lucila never had the opportunity to attend school. She cannot write or read.

Lucila said she had a difficult childhood. She said she enjoys the family activities because she can learn and develop new skills.

Lucila says that she never saw so many toys together when she was younger.

During the activities, Lucila said she was glad because she did not have any toys or dolls when she was a child. During one of these group activities, Lucila found a toy doll.

“She was happy during the group activity. She would play with and kiss the doll,” said Harrison Garcia, CFCA communications liaison in Bogota, Colombia. “She was very excited and she played with all the toys. She was a child again.”

Lucila also was happy because the mayorís office was able to give her a doll of her very own!

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  1. This story really made me smile! I am so glad that Lucila found a doll for herself. You are never too old for your first dollie.

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