Jul 19 2012

‘Why I believe in sponsorship’

Enjoy this beautiful guest blog post from Kristin Littrell, CFCA correspondent!

This morning I loaded my two young girls in the car and headed off to the local library to meet a friend for toddler story time.

We gather there often, on snowy winter days and blazing hot summer days alike, watching our kids learn while we sneak in bits of girl talk here and there.

Kristin Littrell and family

Kristin Littrell, CFCA correspondent, and her family.

Today we tumbled in, carrying babies and heavy diaper bags, chasing kids bound for the life-size painted cow on our way into the kids room.

This is life as a mom, right? Crazy, chaotic and fun, of course.

We got the kids settled on the beige carpet tiles just as the librarian started reading the first story, a silly tale of counting zoo animals.

Bright sun poured into the room through the floor-to-ceiling windows, this building a modern standout in the midst of a flourishing area of our city.

As my friend wrangled her 1-year-old, and I shushed my talkative 3-year-old, she leaned over to me, flashed a big smile, and said, “It’s Nirhva, my sponsored girl’s, birthday today.”

Here, in the middle of a busy day as a mom, my friend was thinking of her sponsored child, a world away in Haiti.

I smiled deeply, fully, and glanced out the windows overlooking the most beautiful shopping district our city boasts. I couldn’t help but think how different my friend’s life is from Nirhva’s, whom she had just mentioned.

And that, in a nutshell, is why I believe in sponsorship.

Because that’s what sponsorship does: It creates relationships that defy geographic, cultural or socioeconomic boundaries.

It connects a mom in the U.S. with a young girl in Haiti in such profound ways that my friend was remembering and bragging on Nirhva’s birthday, just like she would her own daughter’s.

“I love her to pieces,” my friend said.

In the midst of bottles, diaper changes and story times, my friend is living a great story ó one of love, friendship and hope, for her, her family and Nirhva.

I’m thankful sponsorship makes that possible.

One thought on “‘Why I believe in sponsorship’”

  1. What a great testimonial!! And your young children will see from their young ages, as they grow older, that it is important to extend our compassion and interest in the world outside our own borders. Thank you for sharing this!

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