Jul 10 2012

Sponsored child cherishes visit from sponsors

Recently Andrea, a CFCA sponsored child in Colombia, got to meet her sponsors Tony and Imelda Ortiz while they were visiting as part of a mission awareness trip.

Andrea in Colombia with her CFCA sponsors

Andrea shares her picture with her sponsors.

Harrison Garcia, our CFCA communications liaison in Colombia, followed up with her to see what she had to say about their visit!

My name is Andrea and I am a sponsored child from Bogota, Colombia.

I live with my parents and little brother. I have been sponsored for three years.

I have always had frequent communication with my sponsors, and they sent a picture to me. We also sent a picture of my family and me, so we knew each other through pictures.

When I saw my sponsors for the first time I felt a lot of happiness because I finally met them. I have wanted to meet my sponsors for a long time.

I was waiting to get a sponsor, and they told me that they chose me because I am a girl. They have had sponsored boys before.

We played a game of rana and talked about ourselves, about our likes, their jobs, and their family. They told me their son is going to get married soon. I loved all the gifts they gave to me.

One of my sponsors is a nurse, and I want to have a career in nursing, too. They told me that they want to support me as I continue with my studies.

I felt sad when we said goodbye because I did not want them to go back. I wanted to continue sharing time with them and having fun.

I feel glad being with CFCA because I get many benefits like groceries, clothing, etc.

Andrea and her mother receive gifts from Andrea's sponsors

Andrea and her mother receive their gifts during the mission awareness trip.

My sponsors are amazing as they brought gifts to all of the members of my family. My mother cried tears of happiness, and she was very excited.

I like to attend the CFCA workshops like capoeira (a form of martial arts from Brazil). My mother was glad too, meeting my sponsors.

She asked for special permission at her job to be able to come and share with the sponsors too. She was so thankful for them.

I also met Mr. Robert (Hentzen, CFCA president and co-founder). We danced with my sponsors and Mr. Robert. It was a special time.

Mr. Robert told me he would not like to be 10 years old again because he did not like to attend school, but he did attend school because he wanted to continue moving forward with CFCA.

My message to my sponsors is that I want to see them again to spend a great time with them.

This was an amazing experience, and I thank CFCA for making this possible.

One thought on “Sponsored child cherishes visit from sponsors”

  1. Hola!
    Mi esposa Imelda y yo nos sentimos muy contentos de haber conocido a Andrea y su familia, seguramente la volveremos a visitar. Fue una experiencia muy bella para nosotros el poder compartir un tiempo con ella y saber que todos unidos podemos aportar un poco de ayuda y sembrar esperanza en los mas pequeÒos.
    Que Dios los bendiga a todos, especialmente a nuestra querida Andrea.
    Imelda y Tony.

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