Jul 22 2012

Parish group from Colorado finds loving reception in Guatemala

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“Bob’s notes” are reports from CFCA President Bob Hentzen, who regularly accompanies mission awareness trip participants. You can see Bob’s full update on his Facebook page.

I find the group from Risen Christ Parish as hopeful and dynamic as its name. Here in Guatemala, we are deeply grateful for their love of our people, their presence among us, their example.

Seems like their long-term pastoral plan flows into a very natural outreach toward their neighbors at home in Colorado and in Guatemala.

These friends encountered a richly green and fertile country, but a country heavily burdened by social problems.

Entrusted with the good will and the economic help of their fellow parish members, they worked hard (sometimes under good rains) to offer three sponsored friends and their families a more dignified home.

They also encountered some 89,000 CFCA families, going forward confidently in our Hope for a Family Program.

One of the Gospels we read in San Lucas describes the storm on the Sea of Galilee, with Jesus resting peacefully.

At our Sunday morning Eucharistic celebration, Father Marcos, a visiting priest from Michigan, compared the storm to the reality of Guatemala today, in particular in San Lucas Toliman, with Father Greg Schaffer resting peacefully one month after his passing to eternal life.

With the Risen Christ group, we found a very loving reception wherever we went. We all enjoyed a beautiful circular sharing with CFCA scholars in San Andres Semetabaj.

This was followed by a free-flowing soccer game of about 30 players per team: sponsors, children, CFCA staffers and scholars.

Thank you, Risen Christ, for being with us. I want to offer special thanks to the Swan family and the youth leaders. I want to thank the pastor, staff and parents at Risen Christ for your belief in us. May God bless each family in your parish community.

The CFCA communications team in Guatemala offers this photo album of our week with the Risen Christ group. Please know of our love and thanks.

Bob Hentzen
June 2012

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