Jul 30 2012

He said, she said. . .

Our field staff does some serious research whenever we need information for a story. Unfortunately, we can’t use all of the quotes from our sponsored individuals. Instead of storing these gems in a file waiting to be archived, we decided to share some of our favorites with you.

Please enjoy a few quotes from the sponsored individuals in our Hope for a Family program!

Gregorio, CFCA sponsored aging, plays the guitar

Gregorio plays music for his pets

“I think the birds do because when I start singing or playing the guitar they start whistling.”
ó Gregorio, CFCA sponsored aging from Mexico, on whether or not his pets enjoy it when he makes music.

“Breaking the Santa Claus PiÒata and trying to collect many sweets, that’s where I have more fun.”
ó Hermes, 11-year-old CFCA sponsored child from Guatemala, who answered, honestly, about his favorite part of the CFCA Christmas celebration.

“I could not see much with my left eye, but I did see the moonlight.”
ó Milton, CFCA sponsored child from Guatemala, on one of his last memories before cancer claimed his eyesight.

German, a CFCA sponsored youth, celebrates the Christmas celebration in Guatemala.

German, at the CFCA Christmas celebration in Guatemala.

“I have been sponsored for six years and I always receive letters from my sponsor. She tells me I have grown, and that I have also grown a moustache. She tells me to enjoy my youth.”
ó German, CFCA sponsored youth in Guatemala, talking about his sponsor.

“Now [families] come to us and ask for benefits like seeds, fertilizer and farm animals. People are now growing their own crops; I get excited when I see these families being productive.”
ó Krista Madrid, CFCA staff member in Guatemala, on helping families build economic self-sufficiency.

FCA sponsored aging, Delfina, at a CFCA Christmas celebration in Guatemala.

Delfina, at the CFCA Christmas celebration in Guatemala.

“I really enjoy watching the children laugh, play and break the piÒata; it makes me feel like a little girl again. I like the food, gifts and the sharing.”
ó Delfina, CFCA sponsored aging from Guatemala, on her favorite part of the CFCA Christmas celebration.

“We are faithful to our culture; everyone in our home speaks Garifuna and my mother is the best traditional Garifuna cook in all of Livingston, [Guatemala]. Our faith and our spirituality is kept alive though our prayers.”
ó Karlin, 17-year-old CFCA sponsored youth, on the importance of family traditions unique to the Garifuna community in Livingston, Guatemala.

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