Jun 6 2012

We celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Walk2gether

Today, June 6, marks the first anniversary that Walk2gether ended in Valparaiso, Chile!

For those of you who are new to our CFCA community, Walk2gether was a nearly 8,000-mile journey by CFCA President Bob Hentzen and the grupo corazÛn (core group) through 12 Latin American countries, starting in Guatemala and ending in Chile.

Walk2gether began Dec. 29, 2009, and ended June 6, 2011.

We are grateful for the safety and well-being of the walkers, thanks to the talents, planning and participation of CFCA staff members and families. (Here you can read about the number of solidarity walks that took place with Walk2gether around the CFCA world.)

We also keep in mind that today marks the funeral celebration of Msgr. Greg Schaffer, a longtime CFCA board member and friend, in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala.

“We express our gratitude for the gift that Fr. Greg has been and will continue to be for CFCA and for all his San Lucas family,” said Paco Wertin, the CEO of CFCA. “In particular we are grateful for the friendship that Bob and Fr. Greg shared across the years and across the miles, helping to guide CFCA into the way of peace.”

During Walk2gether, Bob expressed on CFCA’s behalf our solidarity with families living in poverty. We honor their sacrifices, support their struggles and partner with them on their path to a better future.

Bob and the walk team never felt alone because of your prayers and support. We cannot thank you enough for journeying with us.

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  1. I remember walking in Honduras on a MAT trip, joining Bob’s walking group for part of a day. What a joy that was. Bob is an inspiration to many including myself. By his words, actions and example I have learned much about poverty, helping others and loving others. The first time I met Bob I thought I wanted to be like him one day, loving and helping others. One of the children I sponsor, Alfredo in El Salvador, told me in a letter he wanted to be like me one day. Loving and helping others. He saw in me what I had seen in Bob. I believe Alfredo will succeed without any doubt. I also believe that is how God uses people to help others. Thanks Bob you’re an amazing man! God bless!

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