Jun 22 2012

Emma, CFCA scholarship student from Costa Rica

By Emma, a CFCA scholar who studies social work at the University of Costa Rica branch at San RamÛnEmma, CFCA scholarship student

Since I was little, my mother always told us, ìYou, your sister and I are family.î And itís true. My mom is Francisca, my sister, Milagro, and yours truly.

This May, it will be 20 years since my father passed away, which means weíve never had a fatherís presence. However, Mom always made an effort to keep us moving forward and to give us, within her means, what we needed.

My mother has worked as a maid since she was 11 years old. Her earnings and the pension we receive for my fatherís death are the only income we have at home.

The CFCA scholarship is a great blessing for my family. Itís a great help for my mother so that she doesnít have to worry about helping me with money to pay for my studies.

I think that without the scholarship, I wouldnít have entered the university because I didnít have the means to do so. All that I have achieved in academics has been thanks first to God, and next to CFCA as a foundation and then to the scholarship because I have been able to pay for all the necessities.

I study social work at the University of Costa Rica. I chose this career as a result of being a CFCA scholarship student and experiencing various situations through my service hours.

Helping people, feel capable of moving forward, seeing grateful families, getting to know children who have a desire to learn and enjoy life, seeing women who have fled cycles of violence within their homes and have been empowered to work and defend themselves, motivated me to be part of this system.

As scholarship students, we help distribute benefits to sponsored friends and their families, offer letter-writing workshops, clean the Sponsored Friends Attention Center, pick up trash in the community and, one of my favorites, accompany the staff to make home visits in the various communities of San RamÛn.

Through these activities, Iím realizing that there are always people who are in more need than me. Even more, Iím realizing the importance of carrying dignity and hope to each family through our understanding of others.

For me, the community service hours are the best! I love to fulfill my service hours because I spend time with my fellow scholarship students, I serve the community and the sponsored people and I learn a lot as a person and as a student.

Lots of people and families lack hope and need a helping hand. I want to be this helping hand and bring dignity and hope to others. I want to be a good social worker, blessed to work with the people.

In life, lots of people are in much worse situations than my own and may have just as much a desire to study as I have. I am infinitely grateful to God and to everyone who is part of the CFCA scholarship program.

Without this program, I could not study. It represents a blessing for my life and my family. In addition, it is essential to the accomplishment of my dreams. Itís not just one person, but a whole family.

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  1. Thank you Emma for sharing your story.
    I hope that it encourages all the scholarship students in Costa Rica.
    May all theirs stories be one of success thanks to the Grace of God.

  2. I am also one of those people being help by CFCA since i was in grade 2:)), and I think I may not be in college with your support. thanks a lot!

    1. Emma-I really enjoyed reading your message. I wish you the best of everything in your school and work. What a great example you are of why it is important the youth receive a good education.

  3. CFCA contin˙a “Haciendo posible milagros ordinarios”… Un hermoso testimonio de vida y esperanza!

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