Jun 25 2012

Dancing workshops in Colombia delight sponsored children

CFCA’s Hope for a Family sponsorship program focuses on the holistic development of children. Beyond needs such as health care, education and better nutrition, sponsorship can also provide counseling, art and dancing workshops, and more.

[youtube=http://youtu.be/4SZZbpS6czQ &w=600&h=400]

Paola, who teaches Maria featured in the above video, teaches one of the dancing workshops and has also been sponsored since 1996. She shares her story with us:

When I was 9 years old I got sponsored. The ladies at the kindergarten told us about the CFCA program and the benefits that CFCA was bringing to the families, and in this way I got sponsored through the CFCA.

I like sponsorship because we receive many benefits that make possible our social development. Benefits like: psychology, pedagogy, dental care, family counseling, etc.

I always liked the workshops. I think the CFCA helps develop well-rounded people through the workshops about art like handcrafts, dancing and literature.

When I was sponsored we had the chance to choose a workshop to learn, and I chose dancing workshops.

My teacher was Jorge, and we started to learn to dance to children’s songs and Caribbean dancing like the Garabato dance.

Also, we had a teacher called Aurora Huertas, and she taught me about Andina dances like the Guabina, Carranga and Chicha.

In 2004 I started to pursue professional dancing as it was my dream.

Paola, sponsored through CFCA, and her mother in Colombia

Paola, left, and her mother.

This profession in art is difficult because my family asked me how I could make a living, but my mother always has been a great support to me and always attends my shows.

I made this decision because I feel the dance and I am committed to reaching my goal.

I started the workshop with sponsored children because I wanted to bring back the knowledge I learned when I attended the workshops. I want to share my knowledge because I think if we have knowledge, we must share it.

One of our most difficult challenges is the need to get dresses and makeup for our shows. Sometimes we have problems with the sound system as our sound system is a little old.

I like to teach others because I can share my passion and my love for dancing. I like to teach to others to overcome the difficulties to move our body.

Caribbean folklore is my favorite because it means tradition, rhythm and heritage. It is influenced by African flow and rhythms.

CFCA for me is a chance to reach our dreams, and CFCA is like home to me. In CFCA we have a space of joy and a lot of good memories.

Sponsorship changed my life because thanks to CFCA, I am a dancing teacher.

Sponsored children at a dancing workshop in Colombia

Children at a CFCA dancing workshop.

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