Jun 19 2012

My journey: A CFCA scholar’s story

The CFCA project in Legazpi, Philippines, recently sent us success stories from young adults who were sponsored through CFCA.

Here’s one from Jeanelle, who is training to be a registered nurse after many challenges along the way. Congratulations, Jeanelle!Jeanelle, CFCA scholar

My life started to change when I was in fourth grade.

My mother had an interview and home visit from the CFCA staff. At that time I started to receive support and benefits from CFCA.

I received a complete set of school supplies, school uniforms, school shoes, groceries, utensils, a bath towel and much more.

When Sir Ed, my sponsor, wrote his first letter to me, I was really excited to read its contents.

One morning, our staff brought good news to us. Sir Ed decided to visit us. We prepared some delicious foods and souvenirs for him.

When Sir Ed arrived, he told us that he wanted an additional sponsored child from our family and chose my sister, Judith Mae.

When it comes to CFCA activities, thanksgiving Mass, recollection, goal orientation related activities and livelihood trainings, my family always made ourselves available.

My mother was chosen as parent leader and CASARO (CFCA Community Adjoins to Strengthen Aging & Children-Sponsorsí Relationship Organization) officer.

Our family experienced many struggles in life. A strong typhoon in November 2006 brought much damage to us, especially to our house. But God never failed to help us in these kinds of circumstances.

Sir Ed extended his help to us to repair our home. Now our house is more firm and concrete, and the windows have bars for more security.

As my journey continued during my secondary education, I was driven to study hard and be in the top of my class. I was occupied with a lot of hard challenges and responsibilities in my academic and extracurricular activities.

I received the second honorable mention during our commencement exercises. Even though I was not the class valedictorian, my family was still very proud of my achievements and awards, which I received at my graduation.

I want to be a successful nurse, so I took my entrance exam for college and, luckily, I passed. I was also given the opportunity to participate in the CFCA service scholarship program in my local community. I assist with benefit distribution, transcribing and translating letters, and making thank-you cards and Christmas cards.

My college years started full of expectations and challenges. I decided to go into the health field and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

My first year in college, I graduated with a Health-Aid Certificate and I was eager to graduate with a diploma in midwifery in my second year. I was blessed to be equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude as a health care provider.

I took the Midwifery Licensure Exam last April 2010 and, unfortunately, I failed. I was very disappointed at that time. However, I decided to take the licensure exam for the second time because of the emotional support from my family, friends and classmates.

I studied intensely and prayed every night. The exam was last November 2010, and after three days the results were officially posted. I was very blessed and grateful because, luckily, I passed.

I realized that in every failure, we must not quit and still keep on striving because nothing is impossible in Godís hand.

I decided to continue my nursing education at the same school. I hope to be a registered nurse by July.

My family, CFCA and Sir Ed and his family influenced me to fulfill my dreams and be successful in my chosen career.

As I go on with my journey, I am learning to stay inspired, strong and enthusiastic and to always keep in touch with our God, who will never neglect us.

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