May 4 2012

Wisdom of the Ages: Joji, 76, from India

Joji, CFCA sponsored aging friend in India

Joji, 76, sponsored through CFCA in India.

Joji, 76, has been sponsored through the CFCA-Hyderabad Hope for a Family program in Nalgonda, India, for more than two years.

Joji now lives in a home for the aging where he offers his knowledge to others by spending his free time visiting the sick and lending his ear to anyone who needs someone to listen.

What is your secret for long life?

I feel God is with me and keeps me going. For God a thousand years is like a day and one day is like a thousand years.

Living each day keeps me going. Sin corrupts the body and also affects society. Leading an honest life and remaining truthful helps to live in peace.

What advice do you have for young people?

Lead a truthful life. See God in their parents. Be sincere to the values and avoid a superficial life. Love people genuinely and learn to forgive.

What is the most important thing your mother taught you?

She taught me simple faith in God and discipline in life. We were made to say a night prayer every day and rise up on time every morning.

If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go and why?

I like to visit the people who need me, who have no one to talk to.

What’s one thing that has changed from when you were young to the present day?

My perception of the world was very limited when I was young. I learned many things as I grew and experienced struggles and suffering in life.

What’s one thing that has remained the same?

I was a disciplined person.

What do you like most about CFCA?

I see the hand of God in CFCA. Through this, CFCA is able to give love to the aged who are deprived of love.

God has inspired some sponsors to help the aged, which is great work.

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