May 9 2012

Sponsored friend extends ‘unending thanks’ to sponsors, CFCA

The CFCA project in Legazpi, Philippines, recently sent us success stories from young adults who were sponsored through CFCA. Here’s one from Raquel, a sponsored child who will soon graduate with a bachelor’s degree in office administration.

My graduation is fast approaching and whether I like it or not, I will soon be leaving CFCA.

Raquel, CFCA sponsored child in the PhilippinesI will be graduating college and will step into a real world. Yes! It is a dream come true!

Nevertheless, I will never forget all the people who have helped me and supported me. People who sat beside me, walked with me, and praised me for every accomplishment I achieved.

Without them, I would never be what I am right now.

December 2003 is the time when I became sponsored through CFCA. I had mixed emotions of excitement, nervousness and happiness.

I even asked myself, what life awaits me in this sponsorship program? What changes will it bring to me?

I took my high school education in a public school. I had to walk about a third of a mile (500 meters) from our house to the main road to catch a jeep going to my school.

My money was always insufficient. My father is a farmer while my mother is a housewife. My mother always borrowed money from our neighbor when I did not have money for my fare.

It was hard ñ but my family never surrendered.

They wanted me to finish my education, and I wanted to finish my studies because my family and I would suffer if I just finished high school only, considering the limited job opportunities.

That is why I am very thankful to CFCA, which I will never forget.

With all the help extended, the words “thank you” are not enough. What great blessings I had with the CFCA family. It really lessened my parents’ burden.

After struggling through many obstacles, I graduated high school with distinction in March 2008, and I dedicated it to my family and CFCA.

After graduation, I worried whether I could pursue my college education.

I knew how important it is to be a college graduate, but I couldn’t blame my parents if they could not afford to send me there.

I took the college entrance exam and enrollment fast approached, yet my parents were still undecided. I even thought I should work first to earn and save enough money for my studies.

However, every time I prayed to God, blessings knocked for me.

My prayers were answered through the CFCA Scholarship Program. I became a service scholar, and it is a great privilege to be one.

The scholarship covered my tuition and lessened my parents’ worries, so I could focus more on my studies.

Beyond that, being a scholar gave me the opportunity to interact with younger sponsored friends and assist them in writing letters and other activities.

I felt more like an older sister to them rather than a scholar, and it is very satisfying work.

Soon I will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in office administration.

I extend my unending thanks, first to my sponsors Aunt Billie and Uncle Bob, to all CFCA Legazpi staff, to the other sponsored friends and fellow scholarship recipients.

Above all, thanks to the Divine Providence, for giving me all these people behind this program. In many ways of my life, they are always there to help and comfort me.

Though the time comes that I will be leaving, the memories will remain in my heart.

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