May 30 2012

Sponsored children welcome sponsor on visit to Colombia

By Harrison Garcia Ruiz, CFCA communications liaison in Colombia

CFCA sponsor Margarita with Santiago's family in Colombia

Santiago’s family in Colombia and Santiago’s sponsor, Margarita Torres.

For sponsored children, meeting their sponsors is a dream come true.

Margarita Torres was planning to go to Colombia recently to visit family.

Before she left, she worked with the CFCA office in Kansas to coordinate an individual sponsor visit with her sponsored child, Santiago.

“It was very emotional to meet Santiago and his family,” she said. “To meet him personally was really nice and knowing more about his daily tasks at school, what he likes, how is his relationship with his family, etc.”

The visit also encouraged Santiago to continue his studies and make plans to achieve his life goals.

Margarita reminded Santiago that a good education is the key to having a successful future. She encouraged him to always be close to God.

Editor’s note: CFCA offers the opportunity to coordinate individual sponsor visits for sponsors who cannot go on mission awareness trips to meet their sponsored friend.

More than 550 travelers went on individual sponsor visits, just in 2011!

We prefer 90 days notice but need a minimum of at least 30 days to arrange a visit, so we can determine whether the family and staff are available.

If you’re interested in such a visit, please contact our Sponsor Services team at (800) 875-6564 or

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  1. The Individual sponsor visits are a great idea for those sponsors that only have a few days of vacation.I have used that method several times due to limited vacation days. It was a blessing to meet the sponsored children and their families. The CFCA staff members in Kansas City and at the project offices did an amazing job organizing the meeting. I would definitely do it again. Good luck and God bless! Write your sponsored children and aging!

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