May 23 2012

Sponsored child overcomes challenges of poverty, now graduating college

The CFCA project in Legazpi, Philippines, recently sent us success stories from young adults who were sponsored through CFCA.

Here’s one from Jenelyn, who was sponsored as a child and will soon graduate with a bachelor’s degree in information technology. She’s the oldest in a family of six children.

When I started going to school, I was given a new hope for a better life for my family.

I knew with enough education I could have the right opportunity to reach my dreams for my family, but it wasn’t easy at all.

Jenelyn, sponsored as a child through CFCA in the PhilippinesI have experienced things that almost stole away my dreams and make me realize how hard it is for people like us to achieve our goals. We almost thought it was impossible to get away from this situation.

I experienced having only a single pad of paper for the whole school year, and I had to ask for pieces of paper from my classmates. Same with pencils and crayons, which I always had to borrow.

I also wasn’t able to participate in some of our activities because I had nothing to use or contribute.

My classmates often teased me about the clothes and the slippers I wore because they all looked old and used.

All I did that time was cry because it would be wrong if I fought back. It would only cause more trouble. I never wanted to give my parents additional problems with my situation in school.

Despite all those things, I never stopped believing in the grace of our Father Almighty. I would be just a sore loser if I let those things hinder me in what I wanted to achieve.

Fortunately, we were blessed with the opportunity to be sponsored through CFCA. Since I became a member of this foundation, I’ve received enough school supplies to last the whole school year.

I also received brand-new clothes, which I rarely experienced before. Aside from that, additional help in health care and spiritual formation was given to us.

These things are enough to be so thankful to our dear Lord because he never forgets any of us. He makes us realize that life is a bunch of blessings from him and that we should always be thankful.

I finished elementary school in 2001 and immediately entered high school. I reached the fourth year of high school when I was 15 years old.

My parents became emotional every time I achieved something in school, especially my father.

He even got teary-eyed when I attended our school promenade. He realized that I was no longer his baby girl he used to play with when I was young.

He was even happier when I graduated as salutatorian during my secondary years.

When the time came to decide whether to continue to college or start working for my family, I didn’t have a second thought. I was very eager to earn a college degree.

Fortunately, I was accepted as one of the CFCA scholars. My parents had fewer worries for my educational expenses because I had a scholarship through CFCA, which we consider a great blessing to our family.

Through this scholarship program I was able to enjoy my college days and we are so thankful that because of my parents’ hard work, they are also able to contribute to my educational needs.

I am about to finish my fourth year in college with a bachelor’s degree in information technology.

I am so happy and excited because this summer, I will be receiving my long-awaited diploma.

I’m thankful to all the people who helped and continue helping me. Blessings be with you all.

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  1. We are proud of all your successes and wish you the very best for you are a very talented young lady!!! May God bless you and your family.

  2. Congratulations, Jenelyn! You are an inspiration to so many others. Trust in God always, as He will never fail you, and keep following your dreams!

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