May 3 2012

CFCA Communications Centers: Bogota, Colombia

CFCA has five communications centers in El Salvador, Guatemala, Kenya, India and Colombia.

Although we call them centers, which sound like a big operation, they actually consist of one or a few local staff members. They help us find and feature stories from our sponsored children and aging friends.

Harry Garcia, CFCA communications liaison in Colombia

Harrison Garcia

We’d like to introduce you to each communications center liaison, starting with Harry in Colombia.

CFCA has changed the life of many families. This is how CFCA changed my life as well as my family’s.

My name is Harrison Garcia, and I am 27 years old. I am the CFCA communication center liaison in Bogota, Colombia.

The story of my family at CFCA started when my sister Carolina, now 35, got sponsored in our little school 27 years ago.

The benefits that she received through CFCA at that time were a great help to my family as my mother was a single mother with three children.

When I was 10, I got sponsored, too, and it was a great experience for me to share letters with my sponsors during three years.

Carolina at the CFCA office in Bogota, Colombia

Carolina, Harry's sister

I graduated from the sponsorship program as my family’s economic situation improved.

My sister, Carolina, studied to be an English teacher and started to work with CFCA.

Carolina helped CFCA translate letters from sponsors and sponsored friends, and I wanted to learn English, too, to be able to have a job like hers.

We both decided to work with CFCA to bring back all the support and love that our sponsors and staff brought to us when we were younger and in need.

I studied English in La Gran Colombia University and started to work with CFCA translating letters, too.

Mabel and Carolina

From left are Mabel, Carolina's mother, and Carolina at her graduation day.

Today Carolina is the mail specialist in our Bogota project.

“The constant communication between my sponsors and me was the best as I knew that in the U.S. was a family who wanted to help me and my family and they loved me despite the distance,” Carolina says.

“My sponsors brought me love, and they encouraged me to get ahead in life.

“My favorite benefits were the school supplies, special gifts and the groceries. The sponsorship was a great support to our family.”

My favorite part of sponsorship was the loving relationship with my sponsors and all the benefits that I received.

These benefits and my sponsors’ support were so useful for my personal formation and for making me the person that I am today.

CFCA staff members in Bogota, Colombia

CFCA staff members in Bogota, Colombia.

2 thoughts on “CFCA Communications Centers: Bogota, Colombia”

  1. Carolina and Harrison, now you are famous :). Thanks for all you help during my trip to Colombia to visit Jeison and walk with Bob. I’m still kicking the fuchi you gave me. God bless you work with CFCA abundantly.

  2. Awesome story! Love to see the ministry in action and how the individuals that are sponsored are becoming exactly who God created them to be. Working hard and having dreams and goals and then reaching them. Well done Harry and Caroline! You are a blessing to many.

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