Apr 25 2012

Youth to sponsor: ‘You truly made a difference in my life’

The CFCA project in Legazpi, Philippines, recently sent us success stories from young adults who were sponsored through CFCA. Here’s one from John Paul, a former sponsored child who graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education.

I am John Paul, 20 years of age. I have two sisters and a happy family.

I was born with nothing. My parents are farm laborers who found it really hard to send us to school.

John Paul, former CFCA sponsored child in the Philippines During my childhood, I used to cry before I left for school because I had incomplete school supplies and not a penny to buy snacks. Every day the scenario remained the same.

One day while I was playing under the rain, somebody came to our house and said they were there to help my family.

They were recruiting young children in need like me for sponsorship, and I was one of the chosen ones.

When they saw me, my clothes were full of dirt and my hair needed trimming. They immediately asked a few questions to my mother, and it was my first time to hear the word CFCA.

Because of CFCA, my life was changed. Our family’s emotional and financial burden lightened.

I was given the opportunity to have new clothes, school uniforms, supplies, shoes, new backpacks and all other things I was deprived of before I entered this sponsorship program.

Due to this, I became more productive as a student. Along with perseverance and hard work, I graduated elementary school as valedictorian and secondary as one of the honors students.

Our family relationship has improved because of the continuous value formation activities sponsored by CFCA.

My parents were also equipped with additional knowledge on livelihood activities that would improve our economic condition.

During my college days, our family had to go through some struggles. My father was seriously ill and had to take a rest.

From that time, my mother had to wash laundry to support my father’s medications and acquire additional income.

To help my family and meet my needs in school, during weekends or non-school days, I engaged myself in construction work, drove a three-wheel bicycle (‘pedicab,’ a public utility vehicle) and sometimes sold vegetables.

Although I received a monthly college allowance from CFCA, it never sufficed; my family’s contribution to my education was still needed.

The burden on my back lessened when I became one of the CFCA scholars. Aside from the monthly grant, I had the scholarship allowance to sustain my studies.

I was able to manage my time helping my family and studying. I always been an active student and was constantly elected as officer in school organizations.

Fortunately, I graduated with flying colors. During that time, my father recovered totally. My parents were very proud of my accomplishments.

April 6, 2011, the most memorable moment in my life, was my graduation day.

Before I left the house, my parents and I were teary-eyed because finally I had reached one of my goals. Finally, I had reaped the fruits of my labor and sacrifices. I know, without my family and CFCA, I would not have been able to go this far.

I know my journey has just begun. I am very certain that with all the character development and activities I gained from school and CFCA, I will be able to have a good career with my bachelor’s degree in secondary education.

My challenges as well as all the people who helped me find my way to my dreams will continue to inspire me to reach my aspirations.

I always thank God for leading me to CFCA. Thank you so much, CFCA. I salute you, Sir Bob Hentzen (CFCA President), all the CFCA staff and my benevolent sponsors, Mr. Joseph and Mr. David.

I will forever be grateful to my sponsors that once in my life, you had taken me to be a part of you. You truly made a difference in my life.

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  1. I am quite sure that Mr. Joseph and Mr. David are as proud of John Paul’s accomplishments as his parents are. I wish this young man every success.

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