Apr 24 2012

Should I connect with my former sponsored child on Facebook?

Ask Sponsor ServicesQ. I recently received a Facebook friend request from my former sponsored child. Should I accept it?

A. While we can’t prevent a former sponsored child from trying to find and contact their sponsor via Facebook, we do encourage everyone to consider any potential risks that could happen from direct contact.

These risks may not come from your friend, but from other people within your friend’s community who learn about their direct contact with you in the U.S.

Some of these risks could include requests being made to you for ongoing support, or people trying to extort money from your friend or friend’s family because they are in direct contact with someone in the U.S.

For these reasons, CFCA does not facilitate or encourage direct contact between sponsors and their former sponsored friends.

We cherish the friendships that form between sponsored friends and sponsors through our program. Unfortunately, our ability to safely facilitate these friendships is only through the sponsorship program.

Please note: CFCA’s child protection policies do not allow current sponsors to be in unsupervised communication with sponsored friends, including social media such as Facebook.

To protect the privacy of our sponsors and ensure that all communications with sponsored friends are appropriate, our project staffs monitor all correspondence.

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0 thoughts on “Should I connect with my former sponsored child on Facebook?”

  1. Thats what I like of the Foundation… They were very conscius and assure us the information and money we send were used safely….
    Thanks to the staff of CFCA… I am proud of you…

  2. I am a former employee of CFCA. I was a translator in Guatemala and I do vouch about staff monitoring the correspondence. As an employee, part of the requirements for me were to read the correspondence from sponsor to child and vice versa and if there was some private information like phone numbers or address, I was told to take it away in order to keep certain information private.

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