Apr 2 2012

Longtime CFCA sponsors: ‘Our family’ in Nicaragua, part 2

From left are Harvey Correia; his son, Michael; Claudia, the Correias' sponsored child; Linda, Harvey's wife; and Timoteo, Claudia's father. This picture was taken at Claudia's quinceañera.

Last week Harvey Correia wrote a beautiful blog post about his family’s first mission awareness trip to Nicaragua, where they met their sponsored child, Claudia, and also sponsored two more children: Juan Francisco and Neyling. Here he recounts the story of how Claudia and her “family” from the U.S. got to celebrate her quinceaÒera,the celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday and transition into adulthood.

We enjoyed visiting Claudia so much in 2009 that we returned on a mission awareness trip the following August so we could visit all three of our sponsored children.

We visited Claudiaís home on this trip and met her mother, a sister and a brother. Unfortunately, we learned that her father was quite ill and had been unable to work for nearly a year because of his ailments.

This obviously brought sad feelings, but we also had some new joys by seeing our children bond together while we traveled with CFCA for the next few days.

We treasure a photo of Claudia walking with her arm around Neylingís mother.

During this trip we met a fellow sponsor, and through him we met more sponsors through Facebook contacts.

One of these contacts had photos of a quinceaÒera celebration for their sponsored girl from Nicaragua, and we decided to pursue helping our girl Claudia celebrate her quinceaÒera.

We just returned from our most recent visit to Nicaragua and had a wonderful time. We visited all of our children and had a wonderful time at the quinceaÒera Mass.

(This visit was arranged through CFCA, and a local staff member accompanied us throughout our time there.)

After the evening Mass, we walked a mile to Claudiaís home where we had a great celebration that lasted almost until midnight. We had dinner, danced, had cake and took lots of photographs.

Our Claudia is now a beautiful young woman, and her faith appears strong. She is doing pretty well in school, and we are encouraging her to work even harder to achieve her lofty dreams of being a doctor.

Her humble family is very grateful for the help we have provided, and their love has been a great blessing for our family.

We were able to help with some much-needed medications for Claudiaís father so that the familyís patriarch may continue to lead this loving family.

Neyling and her mother joined us at the celebration and we look forward to working through CFCA to prepare another celebration for her in five years.

The CFCA staff helped immensely in helping organize the celebration and even came the following day to help clean up and return chairs, etc.

The love shown by the staff is inspiring and helps assure us that our commitment to sponsorship is well placed.

We hope that sharing the blessings we have received from sponsorship will help encourage others to become sponsors or even sponsor more children or aging.

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0 thoughts on “Longtime CFCA sponsors: ‘Our family’ in Nicaragua, part 2”

  1. What a wonderful story of giving and using our own gifts to help others one person at a time. I was so touched by the love given to Claudia and her family by her sponsors. My husband and I have just become sponsors and we are so excited to be making a difference in the lives of people who need our help. May God bless the Correia Family.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your sponsorship story. It is wonderful to hear about the amazing relationship that you developed with Neyling (who by the way is such a beautiful young woman). It is clear that you have greatly impacted her life!

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