Apr 26 2012

Gladness in Tanzania finds hope through sponsorship

By Kristin Littrell, CFCA correspondent

Through Hope for a Family sponsorship, children are given the opportunity to attend school and break the cycle of poverty in their families.

Gladness, CFCA sponsored youth in Tanzania Virtually every sponsored friend in our program has a life story full of obstacles countered by hope through sponsorship.

Here’s the story of Gladness, a sponsored youth in Tanzania.

Tell us about your family’s life before you were sponsored through Hope for a Family?

My family did not have enough income because both my parents were unemployed.

My mother used to sell vegetables (she still does) and my dad used to depend on odd jobs to earn an income (her dad is now a truck driver).

The source of income was very low. My parents could not afford to meet the basic needs of the family.

For example, it was difficult to get food, clothes and school uniform.

What is your family’s situation like today?

Through the sponsorship program I am able to continue with my studies.

My family situation has improved. My family is now able to meet our basic needs such as food and clothing. My parents are building a house for us to live comfortably.

Currently we are living in a two-room house, which does not accommodate us comfortably. Since my education needs are met by CFCA, my parents are able to save for building materials from their own income.

How does sponsorship help you?

I use my sponsorship fund for school fees and school supplies. The school supplies include books, uniforms, pens, pencils and backpacks.

(Read more about how sponsorship helped Gladness’ family save enough for a new school uniform.)

Tell us about your school and what profession you hope to pursue.

My school is a good private school. It is a 45-minute walk from my home to school.

I am working hard and I hope to do well in the national exams due in October this year. I hope to be a lawyer.

What is your sponsor like?

My sponsor is a very good person; I appreciate the letters and photos that I receive from my sponsor.

I am so grateful for my sponsor’s support; I hope to continue with the CFCA Hope for a Family sponsorship in order to achieve my educational goals.

To all our sponsors, thank you for making stories like Gladness’ possible.

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