Apr 12 2012

Costa Rica trip shows sponsored child’s renewed hope

CFCA sponsors visit sponsored child in Costa Rica

Susan, Alan and Chuck on a mission awareness trip in Costa Rica.

Charles and Susan Proesel are longtime CFCA sponsors and volunteers. They have six sponsored friends and travel on mission awareness trips to visit them.

Here’s a wonderful testimony from Susan that illustrates the beauty of the friendships that have formed between the Proesels and one of their sponsored children, Alan, in Costa Rica.

In March, we were finally on our way to our long-awaited CFCA mission awareness trip to Costa Rica, “the land of eternal spring.”

This trip would be to meet our sponsored child Alan and his family. We were looking forward to a breath of spring after our long Midwest winter, but what we found was certainly not what we expected.

Costa Rica is a land of many climates, and the western part of the country that we traveled to was parched and hot as a result of the usual dry season.

We saw many flowers, but they were not the lush size that we had seen before on mission awareness trips to other Central American countries. We heard strange bird calls and eerie low hoots of howler monkeys.

In this unfamiliar landscape, we were happy to see the welcoming and smiling children in the CFCA program. And they were happy to see the groups from CFCA that represented their sponsors.

When we met Alan, our sponsored child for one-and-a-half years, we were greeted with warm hugs. His mother and CFCA social worker joined him, and we learned that he had traveled for six hours to meet us.

Alan, now almost 17, told us how he was studying at night to complete his education.

He proudly told us about his community and the beautiful Rio Celeste, blue river, that came down from the volcano. He said that yes, it was hot there too.

He fished, swam and played soccer. He expressed his gratitude for our sponsorship.

This Alan is much changed from the distraught child who couldn’t find the energy to go to school after his father left the family. He saw his mother struggle to raise her four children alone.

When his sponsorship began, they found hope.

We gave Alan gifts of school supplies, and his eyes lingered on the calculator. He was grateful but reserved.

Then we gave him the kite. Words were not necessary to convey the joy!

He is home now and soon the rainy season will begin renewing the land.

We like to think of Alan dutifully going to school at night, but flying that kite joyfully during the day.

Like the land, renewed and growing.

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